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Okay there are two ways to look at 0MLM (Zero-MLM):

1. It’s MLM and it’s free (yes, really truly and forever.) So since you can’t lose, signup first, refer others to it immediately to lock in your downline, and ask questions later.

2. Take it as a serious potential income stream, worthy of your time in understanding how/whether it actually works and if it really is for you.

I recommend version 2, but that’s just me.

So here is a careful review of this 0mlm startup.

The Background On 0mlm

This seems to have begun in early 2011, but is in “pre-launch” until July 4th (the old “have your own Independence Day” promotion.)

The owners of the system as “DM Cubed LTD” (www.dmcubed.com) – The company team is shown as 4 people with first names, incomplete surnames and only silhouettes instead of pictures. Why all the secrecy? At least the Whois Data for the DM Cubed.com site isn’t hidden and matches pretty well.

Their office address is DMCubed Ltd 18 Gulistan Road, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV32 5LU and on Google Maps it’s a short culdesac 10 miles away from the place Shakespeare was born, Stratford-Upon-Avon, in the middle of the UK countryside.

The founder named on the site is David Ronald, and besides a Twitter account as @0mlm and a short LinkedIn profile which he leverages into different LI groups, I can’t find out much about him.

Right now their Alexa ranking is 10,000 which is pretty incredible for a site that isn’t even launched yet and shows they are doing something right.

What Is 0mlm About?

The “story” behind this model is from the founder David Ronald. This part I find interesting because he describes how he failed at a paid MLM.


“I had mailing lists of 50,000+ people and many large websites with 1,000s of visitors per day. If anyone would win with paid MLM, I could! ” – but even with a $15 a month plan he still couldn’t make the MLM earn him any money. He doesnt’ even bother to mention if the MLM product was any good or not. Sounds like he is great at list-building and online affiliate marketing, but not someone you want to learn MLM from!

He even shows an innocence about MLM when he says “Not to sound big headed but if everyone was as good as me then I would have made $$$$$ but instead $27 – $15 = $12 profit per month”.

And that’s a key point in 0mlm – it’s style is affiliate marketing, not MLM.

The 0mlm compensation plan is probably just a multi-tiered, 5-level affiliate program – although I can’t tell, because they don’t explain their compensation details anywhere I can find. It may come out after prelaunch but there is no mention of left and right binary legs (except for a graphic on their site that makes me wonder), a matrix or that horrible term “spill-over”.

However his point is that he solved his lack of success by making an MLM that is free to sign-up, so more people will join and stay. Hmmm.

How do you earn money?

From the company site:

“We give you 5 websites with free domains [Editor: you get SUBdomain, not a domain] & free hosting in different business sectors: Entertainment [Editor: actually they say they will be basing this on a magic tricks site called PubTricks.com], dating [Editor: at Dateer.com], gaming, finance and literature [Editor: this last one has been changed to Voucher site ala Groupon on their Tour page]. You earn from digital product sales, affiliate systems and advertising up to 5 levels deep. “

And also:

“The 0mlm System: A website developed by DM Cubed LTD to provide a collection of websites and hosting where the Client provides content and visitors.”


“it’s your job to add content to make [your subdomain site] unique. But why doesn’t it come pre-built? Search engines like unique content and search traffic is what makes money. 100 visitors per day to your site via search is just as good as 100,000 visitors from a traffic exchange and what’s better is search traffic is free. … From the content menu you can add material with just a few clicks.

So you get a percentage of the affiliate traffic from your part of their site.

The “5 people tell 5 for 5 levels” bit is purely standard MLM theory and the $1 per month figure to produce “$46,860 a year” – well it will be interesting to see what the real income of this MLM is, but with most sign-ups likely to get literally zero visitors to their websites you can guess for yourself.

Just as importantly, your business is entirely in their hands. It’s their website, their hosting, their decisions about ads and commissions. Many visitors will see the subdomain and go check out the base domain of the company so you don’t get credit for anything more from them. You can’t contact your downline except about 0mlm matters. They reserve the right to change your pages at any time. If you want extra changes beyond the fill-in the blanks options they give you, they can charge you for doing them.

The 500 FREE & Guaranteed Website Visitors Offer

Their 500 free visitors to the site comes from a third party Revisitors.com

Even worse it is simply part of the general offer Revisitors makes on it’s home page. 0mlm sends you there via an affiliate link and they openly say this offer is so that you might purchase more traffic from Revisitors in the future.
Presumably 0mlm makes the 20% affiliate commission that Revistors offers (or even more if they have made a private deal which I would highly suspect they would.)

THAT $1000 0mlm Guarantee

This Guarantee is in fact a non-event.

They may say “Our $1000 guarentee is only valid if you follow our guidance. If you’re lazy it doesn’t count!”, but the devil is in the detail as described in their Terms & Conditions:

“The 0mlm system guarentee of earnings backed by a $1000 payment is only valid when the 0mlm System is offically launched. The Client must have held their account for more than 365 days after the launch date and reached a sustained traffic level of 100 unique visitors per site for a 365 day period and followed all Ideas listed within the back office manager.”

Well getting 100 unique visitors to 5 different sites for a whole year is almost an impossible task. Anyone with that level of skill in steady traffic generation has already found their fortune by sending that traffic to sites that will pay FAR better than 0mlm will. The guarantee is hollow.

0mlm Is FREE! – So What’s The Catch

If you’re not paying anything it doesn’t automatically make it a scam, but it does make you ask the question, How do 0mlm make their money?

Well first of all they will earn money from affiliate commissions on these websites just like you do. It seems like it might be a 50/50 split, but it’s very, very unclear.

And given the Alexa ranking many of those clicks and commissions will be from members rather than real traffic visitors, but hey, it’s all traffic, and you might earn a commission on that stuff yourself.

However probably their biggest earner however will be from marketing directly to the people who sign-up for this.

Once you sign-up you will get sent ads from the company for their ‘partners’.

In fact the most detailed page on the site is reserved for potential ‘partners’ ie advertisers, who are told now impressive the 0mlm Alexa ranking is (10,000 as of this writing), the number of members on their mailing list (30,000+) and how much 0mlm charges to send an advertising email to them all.

This is what 0mlm is really about.

They are building a MASSIVE database of MLMers – and if they do it right this will be an absolute bonanza for them. They certainly have the affiliate marketing skills to

The upside for you is that this means the company has a strong incentive to actually hang around for the long-term, unlike many programs where there is strong incentive for them to rip people off, stop paying out, and then dump and run.

0mlm: In Conclusion

It’s early days for this company so lots of details are not clear, and lots could change very quickly.

It really seems to be free. I can’t see a way that this will cost you anything, unless you willingly buy something and in that case 0mlm will probably get a commission payment.

You will get sent advertising emails from 0mlm. Ah well.

Assuming the company pays out, then there is nothing particular deceptive about 0mlm, and because the company can earn money from their sites and mailing to it’s members they will probably stay around for quite a while to keep these income streams going. This one may last.

But if YOU want to make money from 0mlm you will need to do 3 things

  • drive lots of traffic to your company website,
  • make the website valuable with your own content,
  • and build a big downline who will do the same.

I know the 0mlm company line is that you need “Zero Selling Skills”.

But if you want to make anything like decent money there is no way round it. Even in 0mlm you MUST learn networking, copywriting, list-building and other proven MLM marketing methods. Here is the system I use for MLM marketing.

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