3 Steps To Speeding Up Videos

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These days I almost never watch a video at normal speed.

Of course sometimes the pleasure of music and speech is from the original speed, but most things are just as good or even better sped up.

I speed up YouTube videos, training videos, webinars, sales page videos, documentaries, even some games, not to mention all the miscellaneous videos I indulge in just for entertainment. Those saved minutes and hours of viewing really do add up.

So after quite a bit of searching and tweaking here is the system I have settled on for my online viewing.

Step 1. I speed up the video as I watch it.

I do this for videos that are short, and that I don’t want to rewatch later on.

It is effortless and instant with an amazing tool called MySpeed . Every time a video comes on it instantly adjusts the speed anywhere from slowing it down to 1/3 to speeding it up to be as much as 5 times faster. I am in full control. Best of all there is no squeaky ‘chipmunk’ voices. The sound is the same pitch, just faster.

One problem is that MySpeed can occasionally crash my Flash plugin (some videos seem sensitive to being watched at double the speed or more), but I just reboot the page and it then works fine. I regard this tool as indispensible for my life online: MySpeed .

If I find a video that I want to watch later, or it is very large, or can’t be sped up for some reason, eg sales page videos, news sites, I will then use the next 2 steps of downloading it and speeding it up on my computer.

So the next step is…

Step 2: Download the video.

Be aware of the copyright rules of YouTube etc for downloading and storing your own copies of a video, but most times personal use is fine.

Most videos can be easily downloaded with lots of common tools. I use the DownloadHelper Add-On in my Firefox browser. It does about 80% of the videos I want and is very easy and safe to use.

However there are some videos that block the usual download mechanisms, and so there are a couple of extra steps.

After reviewing far too many options, but I finally found one that added to the basic options I already had. This software grabs more of the difficult videos I needed than any other I tried: Streaming Video Recorder. It’s still not perfect, but it also includes an option to just play a video and record your computer screen, just as a last resort. It’s been safe to use, but make sure when you install it to carefully select only what you want and don’t let it install extra bits you don’t.


Step 3. Watch the downloaded videos at any speed you like!

If you try to speed up videos with the usual players like Windows Media Player, Quicktime, etc you will have problems. Some will speed up the video, but go silent. Others will speed up the video and the audio, but turn the sounds into high-pitched squeaking that is hard to understand.

Fortunately there is a quality free option in videoLAN. Originally it just had a slider panel to control the speed that I found very easy to use, but now it’s only in the drop-down menu in the player which is a bit more clunky to use. Still I highly recommend it all around.

So there is my 3 step system. It can’t do every video I watch, but it’s close. If you have any suggestions to make it even better leave a comment below, or if you give these products and tips a try let us know how they work for you.

Note of Warning:

After listening to video at high speed you will find it very strange to listen to them at normal speed.

It’s like coming off the freeway into the normal streets, and finding it hard to keep to the speed limit. It takes an effort, but remember to come back to the real world speed of conversation when you start talking to live human beings again.

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