3 Tips For An Effective MLM Diary

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Okay. I’ll say it. MLM is NOT easy.

Simple, maybe. But not easy.

Your first page in your MLM Diary will be excitement, “Yeah! I’ve just joined (Forever Living / Avon / <Insert Company Name Here – Proudly>)! My dreams will come true!”

But this diary will track much more along the way.

Yes, an MLM is easy to get started. You usually don’t need much money, you don’t need a lot of time (although committing anything less than 5 hours a week is probably a waste of time) and there are no qualifications to get in.

Yes, it can be easy to get some success. Often the products are impressive and there are systems you can plug into to help you. Perhaps you can get a few customers or even reps from your close contacts, family and friends to keep you excited for a while.

But it is also easy to give up. There is no boss to answer to, no one holding you accountable – or they may hold you accountable but not agree with what you are doing.

Building a successful freedom-producing MLM is a 2-5 year plan – at least.

Did your Diary only have enough pages for 1 year? Plan to need more.

If you don’t like how long an MLM takes, then don’t continue until you get a new plan.

Because there is a reason why over 90% of people who give MLM a try WILL fail (and you can check for yourself the facts on an MLM income.)

So, keeping a diary of your MLM journey can help you immensely in 3 ways…

1. Keep Those Dreams Alive.

Write down your goals, the reason(s) WHY you got started in the first place [The Why That Makes You Cry], and have it there to go back to for the rough times. Most people’s dreams in life aren’t going to come from a job or even from a government hand-out.

2. Self-reflection.

Every successful MLMer I know has done a huge amount of personal development. It’s just part of the journey.

In fact it is one of the key reasons that Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame recommends network marketing – for what it teaches you along the way.

3. Tracking & Consistency.

Tracking what you do is essential to long-term consistency that delivers results. MLM pays off once you grow a team that does the work with you, and that takes time and it takes you leading by example and doing the work first.

Every business has numbers to follow – numbers of new people to meet, to share the business with, to follow-up with, etc etc. It ain’t glamorous, but it’s what’s needed.

Bonus Tip: If you keep a full Diary you will find one other real benefit in it…

It will collect your stories.

Those stories, good AND bad, will be the ones that you will one day tell to others. About the hard times you had, about the opportunities you chased, and about the choices you faced in giving up before you got to your success.

You’ll tell these stories to your friends and family, you will tell them to your team, heck you may even tell them up on stage at your companies big convention.

And all from your MLM Diary. So keep it wisely and safe MLMing!

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