3 Tips for Getting Your Value Out to Others…

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I hope you have something you think is really valuable that you offer. After all business is ultimately about getting paid for delivering value. The more value, the more you can get paid.

Of course, if you don’t offer something of value, then stop marketing. Go find something of real value first.

But once you have something and YOU understand its value, what is the best way to deliver that value to others?

Here are three tips that will take you a lot further…

1. Give away most of the value, before they even buy…

Product launch guru, Jeff Walker, constantly recommends delivering as much solid meaty value as possible so people know they can trust you and what you are offering. (And he walks his talk as you can see here.)

On Facebook, don’t just say here is a great product go buy it. That will be ignored.

Instead write something you learned from the product that others would like to know. Then give them a link to where they can learn more.

Want to know what to give away?

You can give away all the details of WHAT to do, so that then they understand the value of having someone show them exactly HOW or give them the tools that make it easier, faster, better than they could do on their own.

2. Solutions are the best value of all…

“Customers don’t buy quarter-inch drill bits, they buy quarter-inch holes.”

Are you talking to people about the bits you have, or about the hole they want?

Or even better, are you talking about what having those holes will do for them?

Maybe once you understand a person’s problem, a total change of direction to their equivalent of an ‘adhesive wall hook’ would do better for them, and they’ll be delighted to take your advice.

3. Stand out…

Even with the value, and the offer it is still important to get people’s attention.

Believe it or don’t this was a winning email subject link in ViralURL, a list of people wanting to make money online:

“Make money WITHOUT internet marketing”

This is another top email subject line that really gets people to open:

“Do Not Share This”

Do you want an email subject line that is even better than both of these?

Simply subscribe to my email list up the top right of this blog and that headline will be sent to you (to make sure you get the right one it will start with the first word “I” – yes really.)

Note: Have you followed these tips and have something of great value to offer people, but just need to have people to send that offer to?

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