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I have a little secret.

Every time I add a post on this blog I run the URL through a short series of backlinking tasks. Only ONE of these costs me any money. The rest of the backlinks are completely free.

Why use free ones?

Well partly it is about being careful with my cash. After all that’s what this site is about.

But mainly it is because, as long as you don’t use FFA (Free for all) link exchange type systems, in my experience, free backlinks are just as good as paid ones!

Now of course, when you submit your URL for free backlinking, you can’t expect too much. It probably won’t be enough to rank for really competitive terms, but I have often ranked for easier terms on this alone.

Anyway, I always start my SEO by setting these basic backlinks in place first.

And I absolutely run each free backlink builder on any new domain I put up. A no-brainer.

I’ve often pondered about putting together a little package on what I do and charging $50 or so (heck I charge $5 for just ONE of these backlinking tasks done ONE-TIME), but I just never got round to it.

And then I found that someone had already beaten me to the punch. Darn.

And worst of all, he is offering his Free Backlink system so cheap he’s ruined the market price.

Anyway, I bought it, checked it out, and he delivers.

I’m not going to bother creating my own course – this has it already done for me!

If you have been looking around at social bookmarking, rss feeds, backlink services, which free backlink software, etc etc then this is solid, get-to-the-point content, and all in one package.

It will hand you the key backlinking strategies AND give you a couple of more advanced strategies that will put you into the top 2% of sites online for building backlinks.

Great for DIY – or even to use as instructions for outsourcing this valuable backlinking task.

You can check out the complete Free Backlink System here – UPDATE This link went down because he was coming out with Version 2.0 And yes I immediately bought it myself. It still delivers on the ones I use AND more…

Free Backlink System 2.0


It doesn’t however mention one free backlink builder I have proven works.

But free ones are not enough for my rankings in the competitive markets I am often targetting so here is my review of the backlinker that powers CarefulCash’s top Google rankings.]

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