Aaachoo! How You Can Make It Work For You (Maybe For Free!)

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[ Update: As of Nov 2, 2010 is down without explanation. Aaachoo! has often been flakey, had server issues, been hacked etc, but usually it is short-lived and some sort of ‘explanation’ is sent out.

This time Aaachoo! may have finally bitten the dust.

The .net and .org sites are still up for networking – at the moment. Ah well.]

Aaachoo! began in July 2010 with a lot of buzz and hype.

This new social networking MLM hit a real hot button:

Get PAID for your social networking – and meet lots of potential hot prospects!

What could be better!

At first it was hard to find good information about Aaachoo!, because most of the details were not available until you opted in and poked around inside.

But here’s how it pans out.

Aaachoo! has two parts – the MLM 3×9 matrix compensation plan ( – and the social network that is the ‘product/service’ ( AND – confusing right? One was meant to be a fix of the other, but now they are equally popular it seems).

So it depends on what you want from Aaachoo.

It seems that most people were attracted to Aaachoo! for the make money aspect. According to Alexa, has always been the most popular of the sites.

Unfortunately Aaachoo! doesn’t pay out very well. I know people who have received money, but the ‘spillover’ from the “…forced 3 x 9 matrix that pays up to $1,842 on six levels without requiring members to sponsor anyone…” is all theoretical. It is too good to be true, and real spillover is negligible unless you are first level under a heavy hitter.

Sure, you only need to refer 2 people to cover your costs, BUT Aaachoo! only pays that referral fee one time, so you need to find 2 people EVERY month. And the downline commissions don’t get very attractive until you have a much bigger team.

So once again, you have do lots of personal sign-ups to make money, so it’s alot more effort than it appears.

There is no free lunch.

Unlike some people’s claims however, Aaachoo!’s compensation plan does not automatically make it a fraud or a scam, but there are a few details you need investigate.

So then there is the social networking side.

Aaachoo! promotes itself as a professional social network ie one that people PAID to join, so they say that you will be networking with higher quality prospects.

However when you review everything about Aaachoo! this claim comes up as the real flaw, and it’s the one that raises the ‘scam’ accusation (as well as the biggest opportunity!)

It turns out that the paid site is not linked in to the social networking sites.

Anyone can join at and for nothing!

So the core concept of Aaachoo! never materialized.

Yes, there are more issues with Aaachoo! in regards to quality of the forums, the past problems the founder, etc etc, but they seem to handle refund requests properly if you need that done, and they have in fact paid commissions out to members.

Anyway, all three sites are still around, and people still visit them and hang out there a bit.

To take advantage of Aaachoo! you can join the social networks at no cost, and see what networking and prospecting you can do. It depends on your marketing skills.

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