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I moved over from the Automatic Backlink Creator to the Platinum package of the new upgrade, ie ABC3K, as soon as it came out in March, and the early results are now in.

Google seems to have spent the past 2 months doing an incredible amount of changes to their Search Engine rankings. Even sites I admire and do my best to copy have dived in the results, with entire backlinking networks disappearing, and bizarre results showing up at the top of certain searches.

So what happens when we review the results of this ABC3K backlinking tool for my own site?

Basically, the first month of the ABC3K gave me a nice extra boost for keywords to rank for, and this month it has settled down a bit, but it still higher than when it started. Nice!


ABC3K Results for


[Note: Like this chart? You can check one out for your own site at the independently run]

To run through the details from this graph…

12/2010 – began and started to get found more as I used the Posting On Purpose formula to kick-start this blog.

6/2011 & 10/2011 – Hit a couple of Google set backs as I rose to a steady set of rankings in the search engines.

12/2011 – Had restabilized in Google all set for the growth in 2012.

And now, with the past two months of ABC3K, I had an initial big kick with the first month followed by steady growth since.

Remember, I spend relatively little time on backlinking. I have a standard set of basic free backlinks when I publish a post, and then let the ABC3K plugin build links after this.

I immediately purchased the Platinum version when the ABC3K came out, but you not need as many links I did for your autopilot backlinking.


Get your ABC3K copy HERE. But do check their special offer HERE, where you can get special discounts (such as $47 for the Gold Plan instead of the normal price of $97). If the offer is gone, though, I’m sorry, but it’s in their hands as to how much longer it will stay around. So grab it while you can.

Also, sign up for a free webinar HERE and learn how to build backlinks on autopilot.


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