Q: What is CarefulCash about?

A: It’s about online marketing, affiliate marketing, network marketing, and more. I hope it’s helpful for you.

It’s a site from me, Dr Martin Russell, and I’m not the musician or baseball player on Google.

Q: Martin, seriously, are you really a doctor?

A: I am indeed a fully qualified and licensed medical practitioner (what in the US is called a ‘Family Physican’ and in the UK/Australia is called a General Practitioner or GP).

But, since ‘doctor’ is just a courtesy title for medical people, no, I am not a ‘real’ doctor because I do not have a doctorate or PhD. That takes real work!

Q: Are you really a marketer?

A: A bit like counsellor, ‘marketer’ is a label anyone can give themselves. But since I have marketed and been profitable online, offline, in small business, in network marketing, in affiliate marketing, search engine traffic, on Google, in my own counselling practice, for myself, and teaching others, I think ‘marketer’ is an appropriate term.

Q: How did you get started in marketing?

A: In 2000 I deliberately left standard medicine to set up my own counselling practice. I wanted to turn my ‘hobby’ into a business, so I had to learn to market.

From this experience, I came online in 2003 as co-author of the referral marketing e-book “Word of Mouth Magic”.

Being online exposed me to so many more options, and now “Careful Cash” covers my learnings since 2003 in marketing and making money online.

Q: Okay Martin, enough about you – how can you help me?

A: Well at this stage I don’t accept private clients unless we already know each other, you are a customer of mine, or you are referred to me.

So search around this site, sign up on this blog, or contact me directly.

I have tried to make everything you will find here worth your time, but it is up to you to let me know if I have succeeded.

To Your Success!

Dr Martin Russell

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