Agel Scam: Warning About The Warnings

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While searching for a valid business opportunity you discover Agel which appears to possess a unique product line along with a solid track record.

However you also come across a number of “Agel scam” references.

What are you meant to think?

Well first, let’s go back to the basics.

Agel Enterprises, LLC is a company that specializes in nutritional supplements and was established in March 2005, and is primarily based in Utah.

Glen Jensen, the founder of Agel, was involved in the network marketing industry prior to the establishment of his company. In fact, he worked for other companies such as Neways and NuSkin Enterprises for 18 years. His concept for the company actually started in November 2004, when the idea of gels as nutritional supplements was limited to athletes. He wanted to expand the target consumer base of these previously athlete-only gels, and he needed new technology for it. The answer came in the form of Suspension Gel Technology, which eventually became the basis for Agel.

As a multi-level marketing company, Agel employs a two-leg compensation model. The sales team, which is composed of individual retailers that serve their preferred customers, is broken down into two legs, namely: a “weaker” leg and a “stronger” one. The stronger leg has a higher commissionable volume than the weaker one, and the team’s members can receive up to 10% commission compared to the latter. A bigger team means a bigger collective commissionable volume, and there are no “sub-levels”.

Agel Scam Reviews Aren’t Always What They Seem

Nothing so far makes Agel anything particularly unusual that would send up red flags. So what else can be going on here.

One thing is that you may find feedback from other distributors or customers who are unhappy with their experience with Agel, sometimes with the products, and more often with the compensation plan. This is fairly common with any networking opportunity. Nonetheless, you need to remember that someone’s lack of results alone doesn’t make something a scam.

There are even current distributors for Agel who use “Agel scam” as a way of catching the attention of people who are ready to join. It’s a form of targetted marketing.

If you do find negative reviews about Agel, or even negative headlines, look into the source and read it with an open mind.

“Agel Scam: Yes Or No” Is Just The Beginning

Even after you’ve validated that Agel provides a legitimate business opportunity, it does not mean that it is the appropriate business for you.

Particularly in Agel substantial money and leverage only kicks in once you have a large team of distributors and active customers.

It is vital that you have the skills for marketing, including generating leads, introducing them to you and your business, and then supporting them as they learn the business too. Do you already have them?

Just joining the company probably won’t give you enough skills, so it is a good idea to follow proven 6-figure+ income earners so you can get to your own success that much sooner.

These are more important questions to consider, instead of focusing on the “Agel Scam” issue. That is, if you want to be successful.

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