Amway Scam? What Does It Really Mean?

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If you do an online search for the “business opportunity” being offered by Amway, you will often find several “Amway scam” articles and videos. The immediate response would be shock and curiosity, so you click through these headlines, only to find out that the author was perhaps, just trying to get your attention and divert you to another networking scheme offered by another company. Pretty clever, don’t you think? But what about Amway itself?

According to the company, Amway was founded in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richar Devos. Since then it has become the biggest network marketing company in the world with sales of over 8 billion dollars in 2009 alone. It supplies a wide variety of personal products as diverse as dietary supplements to insurance. Amway is operating in more than 90 countries worldwide including not just it’s base in the US, but many other Western countries, and also elsewhere such as in China and India. As a multi-billion dollar company, and as the company that has lead the way in network marketing, it’s not surprising that it has had it’s share of legal issues and troubles over the years. Yet it is still around.

So based on this information alone, you can tell that the company has been in the business for many years, providing at least enough profits for their retailers worldwide to keep them active. Most ‘Amway is a scam‘ headlines are nothing more than hooks, to get your attention and persuade you to take the opportunity that the author is offering you. On the other hand, there will always be unhappy retailers who would write negative reviews about any company, including Amway, saying that the company is a scam. This is mainly because they did not see any financial gain after joining the company. If you do find a negative review about the company, read through it, and check the validity of its claims.

You Need To Be Pro-Active In Order To Succeed In Amway And Elsewhere

One has to remember that when it comes to networking, success is not just defined by the opportunity, the products and the compensation plan that Amway is offering. Anyone who wants to be a part of a networking team should plan carefully how to spend their resources – time, effort and money – if they want to succeed. The company wants to make sure that you remain committed to your financial goals. After all ultimately their success depends on your success too. If you really want to see profits surge upwards in your online network marketing business, you need to decide if you can really commit your resources to make it successful.

Amway refers to its sales people as “Independent Business Owners” or IBOs. Income comes from retail margin on personal sales of Amway products, from a percentage of the wholesale volume of sales, and from the sales of other people they introduce who become IBOs as well. This last way of earning money is the multi-level aspect of Amway.

Whatever amount of motivation you get from your upline or Amway itself, it will be wasted if you do not actually go out and try to sell the products yourself! You need to spend time talking to potential clients or prospective members for your team. You have to be pro-active and take the initiative to sell as often as you can.

After all is said and done, you are left with several questions – Do you have a marketing plan? Without it, you may have all the knowledge about the product, but will still not be able to sell, because you do not have the right marketing tools. Can you promote the networking site and start selling for Amway with confidence? Do you have a team recruitment plan in place? Can you motivate people to buy the company AND your networking team?

So pay no attention to all these “Amway scam” claims. Your success depends on your own initiative and resourcefulness, to reach out to new prospects daily. Most of the people you meet may not be interested with the product or the opportunity, but there will be those who are ready to buy or join your team.

The key is to find a cost effective way to promote your business consistently. This is a far better way to spend your time rather than worrying about “Amway scam” write ups, don’t you think?

Here’s the marketing plan I use, and recommend you take a look at too for generating MLM prospects that will actually buy from you.

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