Another Letter Scam – Sala Morell Juan aka Barry Amdou

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Sala Morell Juan aka Barry Amdou

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I wouldn’t usually publish this sort of thing, but when I did an internet search for this letter from “Sala Morell Juan” I couldn’t find any other scam results, so I figured I might help a few people out by blogging about this.

A official looking letter – actually its title says it is a “Business Proposal” – was sent to my postal address all the way from Spain.

It had a nice Spanish looking stamp and everything.

Now in the sometimes seedy world of internet marketing, online MLMs etc etc I come across quite a few scams. Many of them are well hunted down in places like or .


But getting a real paper-and-ink scam letter was quite novel, at least for me 🙂

Someone actually spent a bit of money on the stamp at least.

The worrying thing is that this means they almost certainly expect to make this money back from some poor victim.

So let me use the power of the internet to perhaps prevent someone getting scammed. I haven’t dug into this very far but let’s go…

First of all is the letter itself – incredible amounts of money (US$12,500,000 if you please), a unknown will, no letterhead paper just a printed one, the request for strict confidentiality etc etc.

Then to the website referred to in the letter – It looks quite nice except that it is an international .com domain name. The Spanish one with .es or even a European one of .eu would be more expensive and harder for non-locals to get.

Not surprisingly, Sala Morell Juan does not have a local Spanish website owner, according to

Domain Name……….
Creation Date…….. 2011-04-30
Registration Date…. 2011-04-30
Expiry Date………. 2013-04-30
Organisation Name…. BARRY AMDOU
Organisation Address. PO Box 61359
Organisation Address.
Organisation Address.
Organisation Address. Sunnyvale
Organisation Address. 94088
Organisation Address. CA
Organisation Address. US

This website is fairly new, and has an address in the US.

A quick Google search for “Barry Amdou PO Box 61359” brings up a few scam articles on the first page, particularly for another spelling of the surname, Amadou, and the same PO Box associated with another fraud.

A search for the phone number34 93 17 610 06 from the letter brings up another website which looks similar, and turns out to have the same domain name owner.

Barry is busy!

Okay so if someone else wants to do some more hunting and add more to the rather smelly pile, then please leave a comment below, but I hope this is enough digging for everyone.

There are too many legitimate ways to make steady, solid and honest money online to bother with these traps.

I hope this helps someone stay away from Barry aka “Mr Sala Morell Juan“, and be Careful with your Cash!

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