Article Marketing Robot: How To Crack Tough Keywords

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We all know that article marketing works for getting backlinks, so anything that puts out articles is unlikely to be scam, but is it really worth adding to the rest of what you are doing? I decided to put it to a real test.

I found 4 pages on my main blog that were not ranking top 10 despite my other SEO and backlinking, and I slammed them with AMR.


First it was Google making changes, next it was AMR making changes in their system.

But fortunately at this time I was advising a fellow blogger on his SEO. He has reported back to me on his results, and basically the new changes to Article Marketing Robot rock.

He has an established domain that was not ranking at all. He put up 6 new posts, did some basic backlinking like I always advise, put AMR onto all of them, and they rocketed onto the first page and after 2 weeks he reports getting over 550 extra visitors in one day (up from his previous average of 30).

You can download AMR here as a free trial version, or you can review the complete software here.]

[Secret Note: You probably found this in a Google search, right? Well guess what. I didn’t use AMR!
So what the heck is my secret weapon that outranks so many AMR competitors and gets me on the first page for the terms you see below, and yes my fellow blogger above used this extra weapon too? Find out about it here. Shhh.]

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