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[IMPORTANT: ABC got caught up in Google’s changes in 2012 when they penalized public ‘blog networks’, so I do NOT recommend using it any more.

As of 2013 I follow the guy at Source. His backlinking operation is also automatic, but he is keeping up to date and is not based on just one location for links unlike ABC.]


This Automatic Backlink Creator(ABC – neat huh!) is a tool for getting backlinks to ANY website.

I’ve used this backlink builder to get onto the first page of Google for my blogs, my non-blog sites, sites that aren’t even mine, and heck, even a YouTube video!

What does the Automatic Backlink Creator do?

[If you already know how the ABC plugin works, jump down to my 3 test results below.]

Well this turned out to be a long review of the Automatic Backlink Creator tool, but the quick answer is that it adds LOTS.

First you install it on a blog. Maybe a blog you already have, or maybe one you set up just for this plugin, it doesn’t matter.

Then it gets you links back, lots and lots of them, from other websites, ie backlinks. Backlinks are vital because they are the ‘popularity contest’ on the internet. The site with the most backlinks is the one the search engines rank higher.

So as a rule of thumb, more backlinks means showing up higher in the search engine rankings, so more people find your site when they search, and click through to you.

You attract qualified visitors – and all for free. FREE traffic is exactly why I love SEO!

But you must get those backlinks, but worthwhile backlinking can be a real hassle.

What would help most is an autopilot, set-and-forget backlink generator…

The Automatic Back link Creator gets you backlinks in two ways.

The first way is as a direct link from other blogs that have the Automatic Backlink Creator plugin.

Each blog displays a random set of up to 10 URLs from the Automatic Backlink Creator network using a ‘widget’. A bit like an instant blogroll, you show links from other people’s site, and they show links from yours. But this isn’t a link swap.

You get much more than just one link back. All links are changed each time the page is refreshed you get lots of links from a whole variety of sites. Each time a search engine looks at the page it sees new links to follow, and some of them will be yours.

Even better, you can specify the keyword (‘anchor text’) you want to show for that link. This is the way you let the search engines know WHAT to rank that site for. Even better,you can give the plugin multiple keywords and have it change them randomly (ie ‘spin’ keywords.) This is much better than having to choose just one for your link.

Hold on a moment.

This leaves one obvious problem – your links show-up, and then immediately disappear. Does this matter?

Well Greg the author of the Automatic Backlink Creator plugin says that Google will still keep the value of the links for quite a while, so it will work, just not permanently. That’s all fine, but when did anyone running a scam tell you anything otherwise.

So I wanted to test this for myself, and you can check out my results below.

But before we get to this the Automatic Backlink Creator plugin also claims to create longer lasting back links by it’s article publishing service.

Once again, there is a swap arrangement. You publish articles from the plugin network on your blog, and in return you are allowed to publish articles on other sites in the network. In these articles you will of course have your links, and these links will appear on the other blogs.

The search engines then find those backlinks and reward you again.

This part might be slower at building backlinks, BUT your links will last much better.

In effect this backlinker is giving you a two-punch solution. You get lots of temporary links fast, and then come the lasting links later on.

Very neat.

Testing These Automatic Backlink Creator Claims

I installed this backlinker plugin on one of my blogs. This was a very quick and easy process, and well explained in the documentation. Nice.

Then I ran three tests.

ABC Test 1.

First, I used the plugin to create links for a brand new non-WordPress site.

I purchased a totally fresh domain name, built a quick single page, and then put the URL and my keywords variations into the Automatic Backlink Creator’s submitter tool. The ABC bit took me just minutes.

It took 4 days for Google to list this new domain in its search results. Not bad, but a bit slower than I expected.

However on that 4th day it also recorded 19 backlinks in Yahoo. Sweet!

Even better, on the 6th day it had found 49 backlinks (from sites with a PR as high as 3) AND in Google it was position #3 for my main keyword. Amazing.

ABC Test 2.

My second test was more general.

Again I used the backlink adder, and this time I put a link to every single one of my posts on my internet marketing blog. This took a bit of time, but fortunately I only had 20 posts at that stage.

Some of these terms were already ranking a little, but overall they had quite a bit of work to do.

Anyway at 6 days I checked my Google rank for the 47 keywords I was targeting (some posts were trying for more than one keyword).

18 keywords did not have my site in any of the top 10, but 29 were. Even more impressively 13 of these now had #1 positions. I was delighted.

The very next day 19 of these keywords had risen in the rankings and only 3 fell. This made 14 #1 positions and 37 Top 10 positions. Powerhouse!

Not only that but during those 6 days I had seen my traffic from Google searches almost TRIPLE! The only other thing I had changed was the theme on my blog, so the ABC plugin was the only explanation for most of that massive improvement in traffic. These links were at quality enough to jump my rankings and traffic as well.

ABC Test 3. [UPDATE: This was the option I ended up using least, and it has been replaced in ABC3K with other types of permanently linking – yeah!]

My third test was for the article backlinking option.

I personally know that article marketing really works for backlinks and SEO. After all Unique Article Wizard, iSnare, SEO LinkVine etc charge a nice monthly fee for their services but a cheaper alternative would be nice.

From the second test I could see that the backlinks are coming from great places that the search engines like.

But does this Automatic Backlink Creator plugin actually get articles published? After all this is just a start-up service.

Well I put a unique tracking code in each of 3 articles.

The very next morning a Google search found one of the tracking codes from an article! Less than a day. WOW!

I do have 2 issues with how I use the plugin.

First is that you are limited to putting in 500 URLs. Now that is a lot of URLs, but with all the pages I am looking to rank I am using them all up pretty fast. Greg has already told me that he is looking at ways to increase it, perhaps as rewards for installing the plugin on more sites, rather than just paying more. That sounds good. (Update: Greg has now added this feature – add in more blogs, and you are rewarded with more links!)

The other issue is that when I have so many URLs it gets a bit cumbersome to enter them all in, and then to manage them if I want to find a URL to remove or update it. I’ve already sent this comment off to Greg and I hope he implements uploading and mass viewing options in an upcoming version.

But all in all, this paid plugin has already delivered for me, big, big time.

Get it. Set it up immediately. Test it yourself, and I’m sure you will be able to prove exactly what results it delivers – and not in months like lots of other SEO, in mere weeks and days!

Or you can let the webinar for the Automatic Backlink Creator explain it all here.

[Update: Aug 2, 2011 – For almost 6 months I have been using this ABC Plugin as the ONLY paid backlinking service and my only source of ongoing backlinks. Why? Because despite Panda updates etc etc, this alone has delivered me 39 #1 listings in Google, and 136 first page listings that has produced 80% of my 758 visitors per day, and an Alexa ranking of 75,674. Not bad considering I only have 61 posts on my blog. That means each blog post gets at least TWO first pages on Google!]

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of Mar 19, 2012: Automatic Backlink Creator 3.0 (ABC 3000 / ABC3K) is now available to the public, and yes I’ve purchased immediately with the biggest package (may be more than you need).

Go straight to the Automatic Backlink Creator 3K website here
Click HERE for the special offer.

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