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The free Automatic WordPress Backup service looks great, but let’s a closer look because the devil is in the detail.

[Note: This review is NOT about which is a paid service i have not tested. However I would not recommend this one anyway because it says in the bottom bullet-points ” Additionally you must purchase a copy of WPTwin application (from” so you are effectively paying twice for your backup. Not good.]

First of all, the good bits of this Automatic WordPress Backup.

Of course, it’s free. That’s a good start.

It has the key features you need in a wordpress backup system. It’s not just for backing up the database. It will backup your plugins, your images, your theme changes, everything.

Next, as it says, it is automatic. No need to remember to do you backups.

And finally it is well explained with the need for PHP5 and Linux.

So are there any bad bits?

Well, yes. Here is what it says on the website…

Request Support

Sorry, support isn’t available.

Hmm. Maybe the service is so good you don’t need support?

Well looking around the site I found that the last post on the site was in 2010 –, and there are a bunch of comments below it that have issues with the plugin. The last of these comments is in December 2010.

So even though WordPress have had lots of updates since then, there has been no comment on the blog, no update to the backup service, and it says there is no support available.

All this is very risky.

And you do NOT want to take risks with your money-making blog.

Fortunately there are WordPress Backup options that have all these features, and are kept up to date and supported. You can check them out at

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