Automating Your Bonus Delivery: Inside A ClickBank Affiliate Game-Changer

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The biggest advantage of being online is to have things automated.

Make money while you sleep – isn’t that the goal?

So here is an amazing affiliate marketing tip to add sales AND make your life simpler.

Offer Bonuses to people who buy your affiliate products!

Give them a self-serving reason to buy from YOU.

If you are selling any ClickBank product as an affiliate those buyers details are really valuable, and so I definitely recommend you don’t miss another buyer again.

But … (I hear you saying) … that’s too much hassle, isn’t it?

For Clickbank they have to email you to say they bought, you check their CB receipt number (or email them back if they didn’t send it), then you send them the link to the bonus, and hope they got it okay while avoiding spam filters.

Hassle, hassle, hassle.

Now there are solutions on the market (the best one is a very cool one called CB Bonus Domination which has a whole lot of training along with it, but another one is CB List Automator both for $47)

So I loved discovering one simple and cheap WordPress option – the Automatic Bonus Delivery (ABD) Plugin.

Anyway, as soon as I saw this plugin I bought and installed it.

It was easy to set up, and got me subscribers from more than half my sales of the product I tested it on!

If you have a blog this ABD plugin does all the functions the more expensive options do, for just $10!

Check it out yourself, along with what others say about it too…

Automatic Bonus Delivery Plugin

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