Avon Scam Claims: Behind The Headlines

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You got intrigued with Avon which appears to be providing a great business opportunity. Like any sensible entrepreneur, you made a decision to check out some of the background on the internet and uncovered several “Avon scam” results as you were searching. So does this mean you should stay away from Avon?

First let’s review a bit about the company itself. Established in 1886, Avon Products Inc. was first known as the California Perfume Company. Its founder, David McConnell named it for the Stratford-on-Avon River that runs through one of the English Midlands where his favourite playwright Shakespeare came from.

Since then, with more than 100 years in the industry, Avon has managed to reach over 100 countries worldwide and have approximately 5 million sales representatives!

Originally starting from perfumes, Avon has included a wide range of products including make-up, clothes and even home decorations. Some of their product lines include Color & Beyond Color, Skincare with Anew & Solutions, Hair Care with Advance Techniques, Avon’s Prestige Fragrance Counter and Men’s Catalog. Ranking as number one in the list of cosmetic resellers worldwide, the Avon Company is said to turnover up to $8 billion in yearly sales.

Be Skeptical Of Avon Scam Reviews

As you will note from the facts above, online write ups about Avon scam in many cases are compiled by individuals who have secret agendas. People would right away pay attention to articles entitled, “Is Avon a Scam?“, only to find out in the middle of the article that the author’s purpose is to confirm that what is offered by Avon is really a legitimate opportunity that’s proven to help you attain financial success. It is a writing technique to capture your interest so that the author can convince you to join his networking team, where you are guaranteed to acquire financial gain.

One of the reasons why Avon has become such a success is because of their convenient plan which allows for easy start up with minimal costs. The company provides commissions for both personal and team sales, allowing for large income opportunities that could go as high as 50% of the total sales, depending on the total amount of products sold. Avon also operates a group system, providing commissions to representatives who managed to recruit new members. This ranking system allows for great income possibilities, making Avon even more popular in the industry.

You might find feedback from other distributors who’re really unhappy with their experience with Avon, where they claim that Avon is really a scam. This is quite common with any networking opportunity. However, you have to remember that the success of anyone joining any networking Avon depends upon the time and energy invested in the business. If you do find negative reviews about Avon, look into the source of the review and read it with an open mind.

A minimum monthly purchase is usually required for most networking opportunities and you’ll have to abide by them so that you can receive your commissions.

How should you really react when they say…

Take Action Now Or Lose Out On A Fantastic Opportunity!

Even after you’ve determined that Avon provides a genuine business opportunity, it doesn’t mean that it is the right business for you. You might have listened to hours of training and motivation seminars about Avon, its products and financial potentials, but until you begin reaching to prospective customers and telling them about Avon, then the opportunity will not start to be real to you.

Products won’t move by themselves – they have to be introduced to a multitude of potential customers. No one will be interested to join your team if you don’t start telling people about the Avon and the potential of earning large profits from it.

The question still remains, how do you make a success of your new business? How would you follow up with family and friends who you have introduced Avon and its products to? Are your sales strategies good enough to help you access thousands of willing prospects? What about your motivation and initiative, are they sufficiently good to help you develop a solid team beneath you? Do you have what it takes to build traffic to your store online? These are the questions that you should be thinking about instead of dwelling on the “Avon scam” wouldn’t you agree?

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