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To successfully run an online business, apart from providing the right product or service, at the right price, to the right customers, you also need to be able to communicate well with your past, current, and to a certain degree, future buyers. However, as your email list grows, sending them emails, updates, e-newsletters and other communications manually can be a time consuming undertaking. And that still doesn’t cover the other aspects of a successful email campaign for your product or service. These days, there are many email marketing tools out in the market vying for the attention of online marketers in need of such service. Aweber is one of those tools, but this particular one is different from most other run-of-the-mill email marketing tools. How?


There are reasons why Aweber is considered as one of the top email marketing tools around. More than a hundred thousand businesses have already subscribed to this email marketing software because of a number of effective and efficient email marketing tools designed to help businesses automate their email marketing tasks. Aweber makes it easy to manage subscribers by collecting, managing, and segmenting names and information. Even without extensive experience, you can create professional looking e-newsletters and other ready-to-use email templates.

Subscribers to Aweber also like the pricing plans that the developers of this tool created. They only pay more as their business and email marketing needs grow.

Target Market

Aweber was designed for online businesses that have a significant number of email subscribers, clients that these businesses need to communicate with regularly. To cut back on time consuming tasks and to make sure that these emails are delivered in a professional manner, owners of these businesses turn to Aweber.


There are three pricing plans that you can choose from. If you’re not quite decided yet, you can order a one month subscription for $19. However, in your first month, you only need to pay a ridiculously low price of $1. If, for some reason, you didn’t like the services offered by Aweber, you can terminate your subscription any time.

You can save up to $8 and pay only $49 if you want to pay quarterly, or choose to pay $194 for a yearly payment and save $34.


If you subscribe to Aweber, no matter what pricing plan you chose, you have access to all of Aweber’s email marketing features such as Autoresponder Follow Up, Signup Forms With Style, HTML Email Templates, Email Newsletters, Subscriber Segmenting, Manage Subscribers, Email Marketing Tracking,  Email Delivery Rate, Email Marketing API, RSS To Email, and Expert Customer Support.


For simplifying and efficiently implementing many complex and time consuming email marketing tasks, you’re paying a small amount to subscribe to Aweber. They even have a full, no-hassle refund within 30 days of your subscription. Even without reading this review, for a month’s worth of trial use, paying only $1, there’s no reason for you not to try this out.

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