Aweber: You Don’t Really Know Why You Should Use It

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As your online marketing business grows, you’ll soon realize that you need a reliable email autoresponder tool to help you with your mailing needs. Aweber is one such email autoresponder service provider. They have been in existence for over 10 years, and over a hundred thousand businesses have subscribed to this service. Surely, this tool comes highly recommended. There is, however, one particularly important factor why you should use Aweber. This factor, though, is often overlooked, especially by those that haven’t used this tool. You can go ahead and sign up for Aweber now, if you want. Or you can go ahead and read this review. Then find out what this critical factor is, and why most Aweber review readers fail to recognize it.


But first, why Aweber is awesome

Pardon my cheesy wordplay there. Awesome, however, does fit this description. With this tool’s web form builder, you can publish your own form that will collect subscriber information. You can then track your subscribers’ activities and find out, for example, who among them opened the messages, which links were clicked and by whom, and determine the income those activities created. You can then organize and segment your subscribers based on their activities. With those data, you can send targeted emails that have the potential to achieve the end results you want.

With its autoresponder feature aimed at new subscribers, you can create a profitable relationship with those potential customers by sending them a sequence of follow up emails. These follow up emails may include a welcome email message designed to bring them back to the site. You can reply to inquiries, provide product information, or deliver downloads. Ideally, you should be able to establish trust and confidence with this series of emails. The best part of this is that you can fully automate the delivery of your follow up emails.

If you are to conduct email marketing, Aweber provides you with over 150 customizable email templates for your email marketing newsletters. These newsletters can be automatically published so that your readers can share them with other people. This will expand your mailing list. Aweber can also be integrated into Facebook and Twitter, two highly popular social networking media.

Then there is the price. How does $1 sounds to you?

Yes, Aweber is available for $1.00, but only on your first month. After that, the subscription rate is still at a remarkably competitive price of $19 per month, $49 every quarterly, or save a lot more with $194 each year.


The Aweber critical factor you need to know

First, let’s say that we’re using a different autoresponder tool. We have written an excellent newsletter, and we’ve manually categorized the subscribers. You’re sending out these emails, but unknown to you, your emails are automatically marked as spam by a number of ISPs. Imagine the impact of this situation to your online marketing campaigns specifically email marketing.

With Aweber, though, you don’t have to worry about this from happening. Aweber will authenticate your email campaigns using DomainKeys and SPF. Those that unsubscribed or have undeliverable email addresses will also be automatically removed from your list. This autoresponder tool will also seek out potential delivery issues before they become a problem and resolve them. Your emails will have a lesser chance of being automatically marked as spam by checking your emails for spam-like contents.

Because of these, Aweber boasts of a very high email deliverability rate. Think about it. Even if you have an excellent email campaign, if your subscribers are not receiving the emails, you can’t expect any positive results. This high deliverability rate is what makes Aweber highly recommended.


Aweber: It’s your choice

I have long believed that to be successful in online marketing, you need to establish an honest relationship with your current and potential customers. There’s just no other way to build a sustainable online business. One way to establish this relationship is by building your customer list and communicating with them through email. As your list grows, you’ll need a reliable email autoresponder that will handle your correspondence and marketing campaigns. And that is what Aweber does.


Check out Aweber if you need an email autoresponder to help you grow your online marketing business.


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