Backlink Generator: The Link to Understanding It

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To understand what a backlink generator is, we need to know what it generates; that is, assuming you’re new to these things. And if you have been an Internet marketer for quite some time now and you still don’t know what it is, or what it’s for, well, then Houston, we have a problem.

A backlink, basically, is an inward link coming from other websites into your own website. If a site owner placed a link in one of his blog post pointing to your site, then that is one backlink credited to your site.

What’s a backlink for?

One of the things a search engine like Google looks for when ranking websites in its search result is backlinks. Let’s just say as a rough rule of thumb the more backlinks your website has, the more love it will receive from search engines.

Of course, if you want your website to rank well, you can’t rely on other people to create free backlinks for you. You need to do your part of creating your backlinks. However, this poses another problem. This task will eat up a lot of your time if you seriously want to create enough backlinks to help your website rank well.

The solution: an automatic backlink generator.

One of the keys to a good backlink tool is the ability to create free automatic backlinks. It has to be a tool that, after setting it up, you can almost forget about, letting it do what it’s supposed to do. Allow me then to recommend Automatic Backlink Creator 3000. All you need to do is pick a main topic, specifying some relevant keywords, and let ABC 3000 generate quality backlinks in similar websites around the Internet. Expect an increased direct traffic into your site because of all those backlinks generated.


Do more, get more, with Automatic Backlink Creator 3000

While this tool is a great help in increasing your website rank, there are a few things that you can still do to ensure that your website’s up there in search results. One way is the proper use of keywords.

Keywords where search engines will see them

  • See to it that the main keyword describing what your website is about is included in you website’s title, description, and URL address. If your site is about personal finances, you can name your site “The Zen of Personal Finances”, with a URL of

Right number of keywords

  • Your keywords should also be found in various places around your site. You should ensure that you use these keywords appropriately; that is, in the right quantity. Using too few keywords will not achieve the result you’re expecting. If you pepper your website with too many keywords, however, search engines may tag your contents as spam. The rule of thumb, usually, is not to exceed 7% of any one keyword.

Keywords and anchor links

  • You need to know how to use solid anchor backlinks when you want to make free automatic backlinks. A good example of a solid anchor link would be something like <a href=””>backlink generator</a>. By using the keyword “backlink generator” as the link text, you’re increasing your website’s ranking in search engine results.

You can concentrate on the above aspect of search engine optimization, while letting your backlink generator create automatic backlinks for you. This just shows how important it is to have a reliable tool that can help you in your backlinking efforts. You should be able to save time and other resources with the use of this tool.

I have been using Automatic Backlink Creator 3000 to great success. This website’s Alexa ranking is proof of that, supported by the result of a backlink generator test I made last year. If you need a reliable and effective backlink generator, check it out for yourself.

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