Beating Quantity With Quality Link Building

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The goal is to reach the top ranking in Google searches for the keyword that you’re targeting. The way to get there is by quality link building.

How we wish it could be as simple as that, no?

Backlinks are inbound or incoming links from other websites into one of your web page or to your entire website. Search engines, particularly Google, have complex algorithms that assess that number of backlinks a particular website or web page has. On their search result page, the search engines rank websites based on relevance and the number of backlinks those websites have.

So, is it just a numbers game?

Not quite.

When you build backlinks, you need to take note of where your backlinks are coming from. Google, for example, gives more weight to backlinks that are coming from .edu websites than to backlinks coming from newly-created websites with not much traffic.

Backlinks should also come from websites that are related to your site. If you own a website that tackles investment opportunities, fifty backlinks coming from different online games websites mean little to Google compared to ten backlinks coming from investment and money-matter websites.

The two scenarios I mentioned above are just some of the examples of quality link building. In this case, quality surely beats quantity.

Unfortunately, building quality backlinks isn’t easy at all.

That is, if you’re not using Automatic Backlink Creator 3000, a backlink generator designed to make backlinking easy for busy website owners. With this tool, you can expect automatic backlinks created for you everyday. It gets the job done, and allows site owners to focus on the other aspect of website development, like creating informative and relevant articles and other SEO efforts.

With ABC 3000, you can choose the keyword you want to show for that link. The keyword will be your anchor text. Search engines will see the anchor text, assess the keyword, and they will now what to rank your site for. The result is high quality backlinks coming from websites related to yours, based on the keyword that the search engines see.

But why stop with just one keyword?

You can assign multiple keywords to be used by this backlink generator, then, randomly change them. This process is also known as spinning keywords. You will have more quality backlinks coming from more websites related to yours because of those multiple keywords.

Without ABC 3000, or any other backlink tool, you would have to place your backlinks manually to different websites regularly. You would need to look for relevant websites and place comments with your website link on their posts. You would also need to be active in various online forums. And don’t forget you need to submit articles with your link in it to different article submission directories.

Yes, don’t forget that the backlinks you’re creating should be of high quality.

With the Automatic Backlink Creator 3000, you can virtually forget about your backlinking tasks. After setting it up in your website, this backlink generator will create automatic backlinks, ensuring that your website gains exposure through search engine results. Now, that’s quality link building.

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