“Bessemer Scam” Reports: What Are They Really About?

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You are thinking about getting involved with Bessemer and are doing your research. The program looks promising. Then you start to notice a ton of “Bessemer scam” results on the search engines. Is this something you should be worried about? Is Bessemer on the up-and-up or should you avoid it?

Bessemer is a direct selling company offering quality and top of the line cookware and other selections of homeware products. Founded in the early 60’s, this is an Australian-owned and based company. Their sales and manufacturing arm, which existed since 1982, has been providing quality products for thousands of direct distributors and customers nation-wide.

“Bessemer Scam” Is Often Contrived

Based on this evidence alone, it becomes quite obvious those screaming Bessemer scam must have a secret agenda for making such a claim. These kinds of article headlines are simply a way for authors to get your attention. When you click on their headline you see that the article is, in fact, actually a “Bessemer review”. The author then quickly changes course and assures you the Bessemer opportunity is a proven model to improve your financial situation, but if you join the author’s team… you’ll see success that much faster.

Bessemer has a wide range of products from classical kitchenware, woks, sets, cutlery, tableware, porcelain types, eco-friendly items, to advanced induction cookware. Trusted and registered with Direct Selling Association of Australia (DSAA) Bessemer has stood the test of time.

Naturally, not every distributor who has joined up with the company has made real money. But success in building any business is based entirely on the amount of effort and skill each individual puts into growing their own business. So amongst those headlines claiming that Bessemer is a scam, there could be some unhappy distributors who have been unsuccessful in the business. It’s important to see these for what they are, and consider the source of the comments.

Like all direct selling businesses, Bessemer provides not just products, but also some marketing training for their distributors. Their starter kit is $195, which gives distributors everything to jump-start their direct selling business. Also, they have a Full Demonstration Kit costing $390, which contains a wide variety of cookware and accessory products. All distributor earnings come as a percentage of the retail margin, as well as from rewards and incentives given to the most productive distributors for meeting certain performance levels.

You Need To Be Proactive

It is quite obvious Bessemer is a legitimate company with great products, quality distribution and a fair compensation plan. But that does not mean the opportunity is right for you and your family.

Despite what you may have read from your potential sponsor or upline leader, building a profitable network marketing business requires presenting your products, services and opportunity to lots of new people on a consistent basis over an extended period of time. The merchandise won’t advertise itself. They need to be offered to potential buyers. And no one will be interested in joining you in your business unless you let them know about it.

So the question still remains: How do you intend to advertise, market and promote your new business? After you have shown the company to family, friends and co-workers… what do you do next? Have you got sales and marketing expertise? Are you aware of ways to successfully market the companies site? How will you drive potential customers and prospects to the online store? These are all important questions. In fact, time spent on answering these questions is much better spent than the time you take looking into the fake “Bessemer Scam” issue. Don’t you think?

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