Blog Carnival Submission – My Secret Weapon For Blogging

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Very few people use Blog Carnival submissions, and that is to your great advantage, IF you know what you are doing.

I first came across blog carnivals back in 2007 doing an ‘internship’ with controversial internet business builder, James Brausch. At that stage it was one of the first tasks in his business system. James’ business was amazingly run on hard-nosed metrics, and if a task didn’t measure up it was quickly scrapped. So I knew this was a worthwhile task.

Blog Carnivals = Results.

On my small business blog I published a review of Robert Kiyosaki’s 2009 book Conspiracy of the Rich. The ONLY backlinks I got came from one session of blog carnival submissions.

Google still ranks my Review post top 3 all this time later! I LOVE blog carnivals!

What Is A Blog Carnival?

A blog carnival is where one blog owner asks other bloggers to submit their posts on a particular topic. Different blogs have slightly different rules, but usually the best of the posts are then compiled into a list and published on the blog as a ‘carnival’.

It’s like a ‘best-of’ list of the current blog posts on a given topic.

For blog owners it’s a great way to link up with other bloggers. For readers it’s a good way to find out about relevant posts elsewhere on the net. It’s a win-win, and is still going strong all these years later.

If you submit your post to a blog carnival and your post is accepted you can expect not just a quality backlink from an active blog (really valuable).

You can also expect some high quality visitors from the carnival. Sometimes visitors will be other blog owners, often they will be readers who have an interest in the topic. Both of these are wonderful visitors to have.

The best thing about being in a blog carnival is, unlike almost every other traffic or SEO technique, exceptional content is rewarded.

Well-written, unique posts with a good headline are more likely to be accepted into a carnival, and attract more visitors.

So make sure to only submit your best stuff.

Submitting to a Blog Carnival

There are lots of individual carnivals, but has the biggest blog carnival directory. You will need to sort through the old and expired ones, but that will still leave alot that are active and useful for submissions.

You can submit your blog posts on the site. It has all the instructions.

Simply scroll through the blog carnival list, and pick which you want for your particular niche.

Put in your post’s details, your name and email address (might be worth using a secondary email address), any categories for the carnival, remarks, and then the Captcha for your submission.

It’s often worth adding some remarks to make people curious to read your post, and give a bit more content to make your listing stand out in the carnival.

The only downside is the time it takes to do this task.

Back in 2007 when I first did this task it was very monotonous and time consuming, and since they have added Captcha for each individual submission, it takes even longer.

Fortunately these days I outsource this very useful and underground SEO task. So whether you DIY or use an up-to-date Blog Carnival submitter, I thoroughly recommend you find some way to make blog carnivals a big part of your SEO.

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