3 Tips For Saving Your Blog From A Fatal Error!

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I just updated my blog to the latest version of WordPress, and it crashed!

It was a simple upgrade – and no I hadn’t done as WordPress always recommends and backed up my blog immediately before I upgraded. Too much hassle!

[But I do have my automatic daily backup.]

Anyway, the update seemed to go fine, but when the page refreshed I found myself looking at a blank page with a single line of Fatal error message at the top!


Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_rtl() in ##########/wp-includes/general-template.php on line 2102



Immediately I checked my backup was safe. (It was. Thanks blogVault!)

Next I copied the entire ‘Fatal error’ message and did a search for it in Google. I had to remove the bit of the message that was specific for my blog, ie the bit that said carefulcash etc (which is the ### bit above), and when I did, lots of results came up.

I clicked on the first result and the answer was right there.

The actual blog fix itself then took less than a couple of minutes. It was a simple WordPress plugin clash, but I would have never been able to figure it out myself.

Usually I have to do a bit more searching than just the first search result, but whether the problem has been crashes or viruses or malware I have almost always found that someone else has had the same problem, and solved it in a way I can copy.

So here are my 3 best tips for rescuing your blog.

  1. Do a search for the exact error message. Google works for me, and it shows the latest results so even new errors should show up.And key to making this work best is…
  2. Do NOT immediately install a new update the first time you see it. Whether it is updates to blogs, or browsers or software or anything, leave it a few days. Don’t be adventurous. Let techie people who love that sort of challenge be the first to test out new things. Your job is to be productive, not create problems for yourself.
  3. Have automatic backups, just in case. If you don’t have this peace of mind then urgently check out the 3 Best Backup Solutions for a WordPress blog.

Safe blogging!

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