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Back at the start of 2011 I ran into a problem in my online business, and I wrote about it on my blog.

Basically I discovered that I needed to have my blog properly backed up – and I didn’t! Aaargh!

So I hunted out for myself the best backup options I could find, and then I wrote about what I found.

Seems like other people had the same problem.

Anyway one of my readers put a comment about a particular wordpress backup option I had ignored called

It was a complaint about this service.

Amazingly enough the person who ran that service came to my blog, wrote a reply, and addressed the concern. Even better, the person who wrote the original comment came back to say that the problem had indeed been resolved wonderfully.

Outstanding customer service!

Anyway I took a bit more of a look at this particular wordpress backup system, and it seemed pretty ordinary. But a few of my readers were enjoying it, so I decided to review blogVault a bit more and eventually I got to know a bit more about this unique company, and its founder, Akshat Choudhary, including that:

  1. He is NOT a marketer. blogVault sucks from a marketing point of view (heck, he uses a .net domain name!), and the inside design was as plain as plain could be. But it means people are using his backups because of the quality, not slick sales techniques.
  2. The great customer service was not just a one-off. Repeated positive comments on my blog let me know that it wasn’t just me who was impressed.
  3. Akshat is passionate about what he does. He is serious about this as a business (he’s doing the right things to be around a long, long time), but he also believed with blogVault he could do better than what else is out there. And if you revisit my review of the hassles I had in finding a good wordpress backup – and there certainly is room for improvement!

And best of all blogVault has one feature that gave me ultimate backup ‘peace-of-mind’ with my CarefulCash blog, and after all, isn’t what this is really all about.

Words don’t do it justice so I had to record this video to show you blogVault’s killer feature:

[Disclosure: Akshat offered me a free blogVault account, but I declined. I am paying full rate for what you see here.]


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