BrainThingy: Has It Lost It’s Mind

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Okay, let’s review the new site. It is pretty simple.

You pay $5 – one-time.

For this you get two things (thingys?) – you get products, and a referral link.

Your referral link is to send out so people can click on it and visit the website.

If they sign up you get a commission.

If they then use their referral link to sign people up themselves, you get a commission on those referrals as well, and so on down a number of levels.

And that’s where we come to the big claim.

According to the Brainthingy website:

“You can make $32,058.60 just by referring people.”

Cool eh?

Er, no.

Is BrainThingy Legal?

Well, let’s ask Brainthingy’s own FAQ. Not a final source, but a great place to review for scam hints and details.

Their site says,

“Yes, BrainThingy is 100% legal. In return for your investment, you are given access to the list of scripts and e-books indside our membership section.

Any program that provides a product of any kind is legal.”

Actually that final sentence is not quite true.

A more complete description would be that the product has to actually be worth the price.

So the key part of any Brain Thingy review is, are their products worth $5?

And here is the best bit. They don’t even try to convince you they are worth $5. They just say you will get “very valuable and informative stuff worth $500+.”

Of course, almost anything could reasonably be worth $5 to someone so it’s not a difficult barrier. But incredibly, their product is “membership access” to scripts and marketing e-books, but nowhere on the site do they tell you what’s in them [*See update below].

What this means is that people who join, but do not make any money have paid $5 for the ‘products’ sight-unseen!!! *

And as much as they may claim otherwise, the probability is that the MAJORITY of people will spend $5 and end up making $0 in commissions.

Brainthingy is ALL about the commissions and making money by referrals, and nothing to do with the product.

This means that in reality, if not technically, a low-cost pyramid scheme is the best label for this “Brainthingy scam“.

How Can Authorities Allow Something Like BrainThingy?

Basically because they can’t police this stuff fast enough, it’s too small an amount of money for any one person to fight for, and it’s happening so often that it would just tie up resources to chase each one.

Anyway, these sites collapse all by themselves. They die faster than the authorities can get to them.

The initial buyers have made their one time purchase, the buzz starts to turn negative, later visitors tend to be more sceptical ones anyway, so the sign-ups slow, the money dries up, then the promoters see they have tapped out the market so they take their money (because yes it is true they do make money doing this, and often they actually get paid their commissions too) and they stop promoting, and go onto their next deal.

My blog is about being Careful with your Cash, but it’s also about being careful with something even more important – your reputation!

$5 is $5, but consider where your next $5 is coming from. It’s coming from real human beings, just like you.

I’m a medical doctor, and at my other main site, I teach businesses about word of mouth marketing. So I understand reputation.

Success comes from delivering value to those human beings, consistently.

If you want to learn more about doing proven marketing that gives you lasting success, then sign-up to my list from the link below – and drop me a note.

“Internet Marketing Lead Generation System”

* BrainThingy Update: the site has been changed to explain their products a bit more on the front page. ie
So for $5, I suppose that would be enough of a sales letter to make it technically legit. I don’t know. I didn’t buy it to find out.

But this addition brings up an interesting marketing point…

How BrainThingy could earn you not $32,058.60 just by referring 3 people !!!, but $62,117.20!

…but it won’t.

How could Brainthingy double your earnings?

Simple. By doubling their price!

And heck, being able to “Make You An Internet Marketing Pro In No Time!” is surely worth $500, let alone a mere $5 X 2 = $10, isn’t it?

But Brain Thingy chose to go for a price of $5 so people will just buy on hope, whether or not the product is any good. They won’t think twice about not having any money-back guarantee etc etc.

At $5, your referrals earn $2, 50c, 25c, 10c and 5c. One-time.


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