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If you do a lot of affiliate or online marketing like I do, one of the things you would always want to know is where your sales are coming from. You would also want to know which of the things that you are doing that are actually creating those sales. These two things are important to know because, as an online marketer, you’re probably doing a lot of marketing programs that lead to a lot of traffic but does not necessarily translate to a lot of dollars. In a way, these large web traffic are nothing more than noises, and the marketing programs are just unproductive expenses.


In a case like this, you’ll need some form of link tracker to help you out. Yes, some affiliate programs have their own link trackers. However, as you get serious with your affiliate marketing, as you simultaneously run a number of marketing programs, it is to your best advantage if you have a reliable, easy-to-use, and efficient link tracker.


There are many link trackers available on the Internet, and choosing which one to use will not be easy, that much is pretty clear. To help you decide, here’s a comparison chart of the three most popular link tracking services today, HyperTracker, LinkTrack, and LinkTrackr. There is also a link at the bottom of the chart for specific link tracker review of these three services.







Free Trial  for 14 days  for 1 year
Packages Starts from $19.95/month Starts from $6.95/month Starts from $9.00/month
Tracking Link Limits 128 Unlimited 10 – unlimited
Real-Time Reporting
Vanity Link Options
Use Your Own Domain Name
Custom Home Page
Conversion Tracking
A/B Split Testing
Ability to Change Target URLs in Links
Ability to Provide Access to
Reports to Others
Viral Marketing
 HyperTracker Review  LinkTrack Review  LinkTrackr Review

If you’re using other link trackers, hit the comment section and let us know.

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