Dear “How Do I Make Money Online?”…

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Actually I have had a few of these emails from people desperately asking me for help to make money online.

Some come in really bad English – something like:

i have a need to learn to use the internet fore income

if i join you i dont want again no earn money ?

They may have a few extra juicy details…

i joined ****** no one join me
hard for me 10 year no money
scam ****** i look google

i am deaf seewell i dont have visa i lost spend no earn money

i have run out of options

I can feel their desperation behind their typing, and I want to help them.

But as I am planning my reply, what can I say after…

Dear “How Do I Make Money Online?”,

Well, hopefully your situation is not as bad as theirs, but it may be. Whatever your situation I suggest you take a different look at how you can create the success you want.

Let me quote the legendary motivational expert, Zig Ziglar…

You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.

So if you look back up at the quotes above, notice a couple of things.

First, how often they use the words “I” and “me”. Their focus is on themselves and their predicament.

Second,  they have told me NOTHING about what value they might offer to others.

I can’t advise what to do (other than something very generic and simple) because I don’t know what value they could give or be to others.

Solving The “How Do I Make Money Online” Problem

Here is how to change the direction of your own success, and find your own answer to how do I make money online when all else has failed and I’m giving up hope of ever finding success.

This exercise comes from another living legend of marketing, Jay Abraham.

In his Nightingale Conant audio series “Your Secret Wealth”
and his book “Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got” Jay talks about doing an inventory of your ‘assets’.

Firstly there are tangible assets…

  • money / cash
  • possessions – this is the garage sale or eBay auction approach to making money
  • equipment – rather than sell it you might rent it or use it eg lawn mowers can be sold or can start a mowing business
  • inventory – excess inventory can be sold as close-outs, or other deals

Jay also means however, intangible assets.

This is the more powerful list, of things about you that others could value. Think as far and wide as you can, like…

  • your time, your physical labor, your health
  • your knowledge – eg of health problems and ill-health!
  • your non-business skills eg writing English, speaking, Sudoku puzzles, dog care
  • your personality – reliability, honesty, persistence, always have a smile…
  • communication skills – may be sales related or may not, but does not need to be in a specific field
  • your contacts / connections / friends / family (this is the ‘asset’ of the ‘Warm Market List’ that you bring to an MLM – or any other business for that matter – but it is not enough alone to build a serious income)
  • connections to people with particular skills – referral organizations like BNI teach this skill of how to be a ‘connector’ even when you don’t have the particular skill yourself.
  • teachable skills – something you have done that others would value learning, and you don’t have to be great, you just have to be able to help others get up to your level
  • interests / hobbies / passions – almost any passion can become a way to make money and you are probably doing it anyway
  • your ability to learn
  • connections to ‘buyers’ ie people who spend money – for example, if you learn online marketing, you may be able to sell your internet skills to a small business owner who knows and trusts you. This happens more often than you may think!
  • etc, etc, etc, etc!

Jay recommends sitting down and brainstorming any and all ‘assets’ you can think of all at once.

He then recommends keeping a notepad with you and writing down ideas as you go. Don’t judge them, just put them down.

Collect an enormous list.

If you want ideas for how to make money, review the list.

This is the list that will be the basis for HOW you can provide value to others. It is also the basis on which someone will pay YOU, rather than anyone else.

It will also boost you when you run into the inevitable problems. If you ever have self-doubt, re-read your list.

Stop trying to make money, and start figuring out what value you have. Then you can work out how to give as much of it away as fast as possible.

On this blog I give away lots of my ‘assets’ (for example this post gives you the ‘assets’ of my learnings from Zig Ziglar and Jay Abraham), and in return, it rewards me very well. All the best for tapping into your own hidden ‘assets’ too.

Oh, and if you want my advice the best way to ask is to send me your list. Then I can show you how to turn those assets into online money-makers.

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