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When I first heard of EmpowerNetwork, I was instantly wanting to buy it.

All I was told was that it would be a way for people to blog even if they had never blogged before in their life.

For one simple monthly fee they would be able to join up, write a post, and immediately have it on their own live blog.

Now why was I sooo excited?

Well, because to get started with blogging is NOT an easy thing to do, for two reasons.

1. Setting up a blog yourself can be techie. Aargh!

To put up a blog you need to buy a domain name, pay for hosting, link up the domain to the hosting, and then figure out how to install the WordPress blog, all before you even write a single word.

I loved the idea of recommending a service that could do all that for you, and cheaper than if you outsourced it yourself too.

Then you can concentrate on the parts of blogging that are most important; putting in content and promoting that content. These are the key money-making tasks for your business you want to be focussing on.

2. A new blog usually takes a long time to be ranked in the search engines.

For this CarefulCash site it took me 5 months of regular blog posts and promotion before ANY of them started to rank. Once they did rank it was great, with first page of Google for lots of different searches, but it was highly frustrating and disheartening at the start.

Most people aren’t going to want to wait that long.

By being on a site that is already in the search engines a new blog can instantly be accepted and this can save months of work.

So I waited with baited breath for this service to come out…

…and when it finally did on Halloween, October 31st, 2011 then all the troubles hit.

It turned out I wasn’t the only one excited.

Over $250,000 in affiliate commissions came in to the founding members’ bank accounts in just the first 72 hours. All good except it was crashing the servers on more than one occasion.

Within weeks more troubles came up when the payment service they were using collapsed, and they went scrambling to find another that could handle the load.

Over the following months they encountered issues with international payments, site downtime, merchant accounts, and PayPal.

All this took its toll, and I stopped promoting the service.

However I didn’t stop for myself, and after a switch of payment systems I have continued to this day.

The initial simple idea of a ‘done-for-you’ blogging platform has expanded enormously to be one of the most stable platforms online.

Empower Network Today

EmpowerNetwork has over 34,000 customers with well over a million dollars paid out in commissions [Complete Income Disclosure here] and has already moved into Alexa’s Top 200 most visited websites in the US and Top 600 in the world.

And true to my initial excitement, EmpowerNetwork is indeed a drop-dead simple blogging service.

What about those Google rankings? Click this 1-minute video (then make it full size by clicking in the bottom right corner)…

Click Here to Get Started With Empower Network Now *only $25

Not yet ready to join? Want more information?… access it all here.

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