Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing: What You Need to Know About It

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Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (FHTM) aims to help its Independent Representatives in “achieving success with integrity”, as stated in their company website. With the economy still on its slow recovery and the unemployment rate not on the level that the government hoped it would be by now, many people are naturally looking for ways to earn steady income and achieve their life goals in the future. FHTM can give those people the opportunity to achieve their goals, or so they claim. But can they deliver?

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing: The Company

Paul Orberson, with the assistance of Tom Mills, established Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing way back in January 5, 2001. Both of them are retired network marketer, with Paul achieving success even before turning 40 years old. They’re operating not just in the United States but also in Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom.

FHTM ( – not is a direct selling company offering various products and services. Representatives can sell various health and beauty products, services like roadside assistance from Roadside Auto Club, entertainment offers such as DISH Network satellite TV, and communication products like internet service from Digital Landing. Representatives can earn residual income by having their own loyal customers and by recruiting other people to be Independent Representatives.

Why FHTM is the One for You

One of the best advantages of being an FHTM Independent Representative is having the opportunity to control how much you can earn. This is because Representatives are their own bosses with the option of choosing how much time and effort they want to put in. Of course, the income you earn is proportional to how effective you are in this line of business. Consequently, with sufficient time and effort, just like in most cases in life, you can be successful in it.

Another advantage of choosing to go with FHTM is that you have a vast array of products and services that you can sell. If market trends change, Representatives still has the option of selling other products and services that consumers continue to patronize. That’s not all. Majority, if not all, of the products and services are already familiar to the public. They are things that they’re already using or buying. It wouldn’t be that hard to convince someone, especially friends, family members, and acquaintances to get their Internet subscription from you, for example.

If they get the hang of it, FHTM Representatives can easily sell these products and services. Often, the Representatives buy the products and services for themselves, and then to the people they know. To get the highest possible income, they can convince other people to be Representatives themselves. This way, they not only earn from the sales of their recruits, they are also helping these new Representative build their own high-earning network of customers and recruits.

Why FHTM May Not be the One for You

As mentioned earlier, it is to the Representative’s advantage that he has a wide range of products and services to sell. However, it can be a disadvantage, too. With so many choices, an inexperienced would-be Representative may become confused with them, thereby not being able to provide the best sales pitch to potential customers.

People may decide to enter this business venture because of the money that they can earn from this. However, not all people have the aptitude to sell things, talk to people, or convince them to do something. You need to possess certain qualities in order to succeed in this field, like leadership and strong initiative. It can also take time to build a large-enough network that can earn the income you’re hoping to make.

While you may have the opportunity to earn a substantial income through Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, you do have to spend some money first. You need to spend close to $300 to be able to join FHTM. In addition to that, you need to purchase at least three of the products. If, for some reason, you weren’t able to sell anything, or you weren’t able to recruit someone, you wouldn’t be able to get that money back.

You Decide For Yourself

It’s true that there are FHTM Representatives that succeed in this business model. However, there are also some the failed. Success in this venture isn’t assured, as the company itself said. They will give you all the opportunity to succeed, but success still depends on your abilities and commitment.

If ever you’re thinking of being a Representative, don’t just look at the monetary gains that you can earn. Assess yourself first, and see if you have what it takes. Remember, you’re supposed to sell products and services to get your income. You also need to convince people to join your network and be an Independent Representative, too. These things may not be easy for some people. While Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing can help you start and grow your network, you also need to have a plan of your own.

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