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Free MLM leads! That can’t be a real offer, can it?

Well sort of.

Of course, there is always some sort of catch. Yes you really can get mlm leads for free, but at the very least you need to apply some of your time, skill and effort to turn them into buyers. But it may be worth trying if you are on a budget, or just wanting to get some practice.

There are 3 ways you can generate free MLM leads and it is worth looking into all of them

1. Get free leads from yourself.

Yes this is not only possible, it is a big key for success. Turn what you are already doing into a lead generation system.

One simple way to do this is to add a link to your signature in your emails. You can put a couple of words or a sentence or two above the link to explain why they should click the link and get the right person curious to click it.

You can put a direct link, or you can use a shortened link eg which has the advantage of not showing the full website name, but also that you can track how many people click through.

This link can also go on your social networking pages, on twitter, on FaceBook, etc etc. This is just a matter of getting the link out to as many people as possible.

If you are already commenting in forums or blogs, you can include your link with what you are already doing, as long as this fits the local rules.

You need to make sure you have a great page to send them to (like this one), and unfortunately most sites that your company provides are horrible for marketing.

Remember, this is not about spamming or making extra work for yourself. This is about turning your everyday activities into opportunities for people to know what you do.

2. Get free MLM leads from someone else.

This is the obvious one, and in fact it is easy enough to do.

There are plenty of places that will give you free leads. Type in “free MLM leads” or something like that into Google and you’ll find lots to begin with. And here are a couple more good ones…

But then what do you do with them?

The leads are almost always pretty poor quality (most leads aren’t any good anyway, but free ones are usually worse.) You will then need a way to contact them either by email, or phone, or even more expensively by mail.

Remember, there is always a reason someone is offering the leads for free.

Often the leads are a sample of the leads you then pay for. Sometimes they recommend add-on services eg emailers, for you to buy that earn them a commission. They offer the value of the leads, and you choose to pay them if you buy through their affiliate links.

3. Do something to get free leads in future.

The commonest example of this would be to have a blog with an article where someone can opt-in.

This is not really free, because a domain name, hosting, website, email autoresponder, etc do have a set up cost. But once the set up is in place it doesn’t cost you anything extra for each new lead.

The articles on this blog are an example of this approach, and no matter whether 2 or 2000 people read this and opt-in as a lead, my cost is the same. I do the work for the article one time and after this free MLM leads come as people see the value and opt-in for more.

[Update: Less than 6 months in and this blog is a bringing 20+ free leads a day. You can discover for yourself the system that taught me how to get free leads on autopilot – & many other lead generation methods.]

Whatever free method you use, make sure that it is a profitable use of your time too.

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