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Conducting high response email campaigns to generate profit for your online marketing business is a complex task without the proper tools. You can spend hundreds of dollars conducting such campaigns, dedicating time and money, and still remain unsure if what you’re doing will prove profitable. Fortunately, there are email marketing tools and software, like GetResponse, to help different types of online businesses with these tasks. Not all of these tools, though, are created equal, so to speak.


As a web-based email autoresponder and email marketing tool, GetResponse has the distinction of giving users the capability to create and send effective email campaigns in minutes. It’s a simple but immensely powerful email marketing solution designed to give the best possible results.

It has a feature called Email Intelligence, which was designed to track, gauge, and analyze the effectiveness of your email campaigns. You can measure site conversions, compare follow-ups, compare two email messages and find out which one made better results.

Target Market

Online businesses that conduct a number of email marketing campaigns need to order GetResponse. This is ideal for companies regardless of the size of their email campaigns, from start-up companies to large global brands. In fact, more than two hundred companies have subscribed to GetResponse as evidence of its effectiveness. It is designed for any online marketers that want to grow their business by keeping in touch with their prospects and customers and generating income.


One of the best features of GetResponse is their pricing plan. Potential subscribers will have the chance to pay for the features they need, depending on their business’ current situation. For businesses with less than 250 subscribers, you can pay a monthly amount of $9.95 or $8.16 a month if you wish to purchase the yearly subscription.

For businesses with up to 2,500 subscribers, there’s a monthly subscription of $25.00, reduced to $20.50 if you’re subscribed annually.

If your business’ subscription grow to 10,000 subscribers, you can upgrade your plan and pay $65.00 a month or $53.30 monthly for one year of subscription to the service.

For subscribers numbering 50,000 or more, you can get a quote from them by calling a number provided in their website.


Subscribing to GetResponse will allow you to utilize hundreds of features, such as:

•           GetResponse Image Gallery – a thousand free iStock images for impressive emails

•           Form Builder – Create web forms in just a few clicks using 500+ templates

•           Online Surveys – conduct surveys and get the data needed to develop products, campaigns and get ahead of your competitors

•           Advanced Segmentation – Easily and immediately group customers based on customer geography, email activity, and profile data gathered from web surveys and forms

•           Unlimited Follow Up Messages

•           Social Media Integration – taking advantage of social networks.

•           Industry Templates – with over 300 HTML templates to choose from, you can create impressive campaigns for every audience and industry.

•           Email Analytics

•           Split Testing – Get the results you expect from your email campaign by testing it first. GetResponse will test each version then automatically select and send the best ones.



Follow the lead of many leading and recognized companies that chose to subscribe to GetResponse. When GetResponse said that the easiest way to email profits was through them, they weren’t exaggerating. Try them out now and find out for yourself.

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