Google Authorship – Quick Set-Up, And A Tweak For More Clicks

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Want more people to visit your blog from Google? Well, Google Authorship can help.

Google Authorship preview

What is Google Authorship?

Basically it is a way for you to have your

photo show up next to your website link when people search in Google, as you can see on the image on the right and here:

It this powerful?

Heck yes!

Think of the standard Google list of results – a basic page of black and white listings. And then picture YOUR color photo next to one of them. Do you get how eye-catching that is?

Not only will it create more clicks, but Google is said to favor showing websites with photos, so you may be getting more and higher rankings anyway.

And finally, anyone who links to you in Google Plus will be even more likely to be shown your results – and who wouldn’t want to click through on a link from someone they already know.

A triple win!

To make this work, you need to link your blog to your Google Plus profile.

Need a Google Plus profile? Go here:

Google gets the image from your Google Plus profile, and this also means you can add an extra tweak as I explain below.

Then you need to link it to your blog.

Unfortunately I had a lot of trouble getting my sites to show up.

I thought it was because my blogs are for “Dr Martin Russell” – but Google Plus knows me as “Martin Russell”.

But actually that wasn’t the issue at all.

I just needed a better plugin, and the one that eventually worked for all my blogs is Google Plus Author Information in Search Result (GPAISR).

Best of all I found it when I had given up in frustration and had someone in do it for me, so I know that this solution is one that he has used over and over again on plenty of other blogs too.

So get that plugin installed, follow the instructions on the plugin page, and you should be good to go.

A Final Tweak For Google Authorship

This will become more important in future.

Right now, for most searches just having a picture at all will do you well.

However the more Google Plus spreads the more that searches will be showing pictures next to results, and the less you will stand out. The competition is hotting up.

Fortunately you can still make your picture stand out, and you don’t even need a photoshop degree to do it.

Inside Google Plus itself you can alter your photo.

What sort of alterations would work? Well I’m still testing some out, but you can see what my latest version is here:

Look forward to connecting up with you, and seeing how you make the most of your own Google Authorship tweaks.

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