Google Website Optimizer Testing On WordPress Made Easy

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Oh boy I’ve been hunting for this one for ages!

I found plugins that wouldn’t work, videos that were outdated, ways to test the theme or the headline with having two pages (that sucks for SEO by the way unless you stop the test at some point), even a couple of paid options that did some of what I needed, but nothing seemed as complete and easy as I needed.

Until I found this one plugin.

It’s working beautifully for me now for the test I am running on this page (of course), and you really should check out this plugin for yourself…

Visit GWO4WP at

[Update: After I set up this post I was pointed to an even EASIER, but non-Google, solution. Check out the demo video for the Visual Website Optimizer.]

[Update June-2012; GWO is no longer, and has been wrapped up into Google’s other services. I am still working out how these changes affect the options I use on my blog for testing, but once again another reason to use a third-party paid solution like the one in the update above :)]

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