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How to Backup your Website Using WordPress Back Up Solutions

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There are unlimited problems that can happen to a website, and unfortunately, websites that were built with WordPress are not an exception. The majority of errors that can happen to a website can be the result of so called “human errors.” When your website goes down completely, pointing fingers to who’s fault the problem was will not help.

Human errors are inevitable, and such errors will likely to happen from one point or another. The best way to protect your website built with WordPress is to make use of Word Press Back Up Solutions. If you prefer not to use backup solutions because they are costly, you can always back up your site manually. However, making manual backups is time consuming, and sooner or later when your site has grown in size and value, you will find your own self thinking of the best way to back up your site. Luckily, Word Press Back Up Solutions are available.

There are two parts to backing up your WordPress site: Files and Database. Backing up your files is easy to do as you can use the online storage database or the so-called cloud computing services to store your files in a highly secured storage. You can also use external storage devices to store your files. However, backing up your database and the whole website is a different story. Below are simple instructions that can help you back up your website using WordPress backup solutions.

Basically, your WordPress website consists of the WordPress Core Installation, files and images, WordPress Plugins, PHP scripts, WordPress Themes, and JavaScript along with other code files as well as static web pages. The database contains the data generated by your website, but not all these elements are included in the database. These other elements need to be saved.

Most web hosting providers back up the entire server including your website. But, it takes a long period of time to request a copy of your website from their backups, and the speed of your site recovery is critical. With WordPress Back Up Solutions, you can back up your website on your own and restore it with your database intact.

Aside from WordPress backup solutions (, you can also backup of your WordPress website in other efficient ways. You can then create a sync with your site to keep a copy of your content on the server and another copy on your hard drive.

It will help you save time and ensures that all your files are in the same places when you restore your site. You can also copy your files to a folder on your desktop. Once all your data are in the folder, you can compress them in order to save space on your hard drive.

In backing up your WordPress website, you need to keep at least two backups and store them in various secured places on different media.

If ever one of your backups is corrupted, you can always use the other backups that you have in safekeeping. For more information about backing-up WordPress please visit

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