How to Handle Unexpected Objections: A Quick & Easy Tip

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Have you ever been asked an unexpected question? Perhaps even challenged in some way about the business you’re presenting and you haven’t known what to say?

You know there must be some brilliant response but you just don’t have it at the time.


Well, there is a solution to this! 

In fact, I came across it from a woman who’s only just started in network marketing. And I hope to be able to get her to show you a little bit more about how she does it at some point. For the meantime, let me give you a piece she uses that I think is absolutely brilliant.


What she does is she says to them:

I’m not sure but let me see if I can find out.


I don’t know, let me find out.

Basically, she tells them something simple, just something to brush over it. It’s just something to let her just leave it, an “I’ll get back to you” or even avoid the question entirely. Whichever way she wants to handle it, it is basically knowing there isn’t something she can do at the time. She can either ignore it or just place a holder on it for later.


That’s not the brilliant bit however. A lot of people do that. The brilliant part happens when she comes back. She would come back and say to them,

I’ve thought about [the thing you mentioned] because I sorta knew what I wanted to say (/what the answer was), but I really didn’t know how to explain it properly


Now, here’s the very important line. She says,

You know, nobody can complicate the simple like me.

It’s such a simple line but it does so many things in one shot. That statement is

(1) self-effacing and shows she is humble

(2) gives her room for making mistakes in what she says

(3) allows someone to be very human with her

And she tells me that almost every time there is either a smile or an actual laugh from the person she is speaking too. (Yes you can ‘hear’ a smile on the phone.)


So, in effect, with that simple line she has simultaneously:

(1) got back to someone — which is very rare,

(2) delivered the absolute best possible response to that particular objection / challenge / question

(3) learned and practiced in real life what she could say if it comes up again in future

And most importantly,in doing this, she has also:

(4) made a human connection!


It almost makes you want to deliberately not answer someone’s objection, just so you can use this process (Hint, hint.)

In network marketing in particular, it’s not about what you can do or how clever you can be, it’s about how much you can simplify things.

Network marketing is a business of duplication.

You want a potential distributor thinking to themselves, “I can do that!”

So, keep in your back pocket the line “Nobody can complicate the simple like me” and take advantage of it next time you have someone ask you something you hadn’t planned you’d ever need to answer.

All the best for your network marketing success!

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