How To Lose Money With PPC Marketing… Two Pictures

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I found this PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ad on the left column when I did a Google search.

73% off. What a bargain!!!How To Lose Money With PPC Marketing - The Ad

Err, what???

Hopefully no one clicks on this ad, because it is costing PriceDumper money if they do (should it be called MarketingDollarsDumper?) So I’m not telling you what search I did to find it.

Anyway I couldn’t resist clicking on the ad to find out what this offer could possibly be.

And here it is…

How To Lose Money With PPC Marketing - Landing Page

Not MLM, but Multi-Function Printers.

The ad at least went to a specific page rather than their home page (that’s another great mistake people make in PPC ads.)

So be warned. PPC is an an advanced strategy that needs some skill and money to do, even for the big guys.

But the lesson from this ad applies to a lot of marketing. Always be relevant!

[Note: Have you heard of Facebook PPC? Discover how to do it right here.]

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