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It’s easy to think that to earn a sizeable income through online marketing, you need to put out as many campaigns out there as you can, and hope that, at least, a couple of them will prove profitable. That, however, will be like throwing a bunch of seeds into a field then find out which ones will survive and grow. The secret to successful online marketing efforts, however, is to make sure you’re giving the right product to the right people, utilizing the right online advertisement, the right medium, and finally, at the right time. If you’re not doing even one of these things right, there’s a strong possibility that you’re wasting time, effort, and money. With HyperTracker, though, you can keep track of all your marketing campaigns.

Product Description

The HyperTracker Professional 2.0 is an all-new tracking management system designed to identify accurately which of your most profitable product, ads, and visitors. At the same time, as you identify which ones give you the most profit, you can ditch those other campaigns that generate the least income. By doing so, you’re also cutting down on unnecessary marketing expenses.

With just a click of a button, you can immediately and automatically recognize which products, ads, and visitors are bringing in the most income. You can identify the number of unique visitors for each ad campaign, for example, and them compare it with your current or past advertisements. In addition to that, you can easily track the number of clicks and sales a marketing campaign generated.

You can also track and monitor a particular campaign in its lifespan. This program also offers advanced security and protection for you by utilizing duplicate protection and encrypted connection.

Target Market

HyperTracker 2.0 is for those Internet marketers that are paying too much money on marketing strategies that don’t give back as much. With this research tool, they can cut back on their expenses and concentrate on the real money-makers. HyperTracker is also intended for those marketers that have several marketing campaigns going on simultaneously. Most of them may be profitable, and they need this tool to keep track on all of them.


HyperTracker is free- but only for a 14-day trial period. If the program failed to impress you, you would not be billed for anything. If you do like the service that this product is offering, you can pay a monthly subscription of $19.95. You can also choose to pay for a half-year subscription for $17.95. Pay $14.95 and you will receive one year subscription to HyperTracker service.

Product/Package Inclusions

Aside from the power of HyperTracker that has been discussed earlier, you will also receive a ton of additional features if you subscribe to the new professional 2.0 version of this research tool. These features include the ability to set email alerts and to regularly receive reports. You can also analyze campaigns by products or by URLs that you specifically set.



If you think this powerful tracking management system will help you make the income you envision to make, you can immediately test it out once you signed up for it, even for its free version. Within minutes, you can judge for yourself if this product can deliver what it promises. Most likely though, you’ll be subscribing to the full version of HyperTracker. That’s how effective and powerful this research tool is.


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