HyperTracker: Do You Actually Need One?

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There is a type of tool that all serious online marketers need to have. Without it, they may be spending lots of money with nothing to show for it in the end because no income is coming in. I’m talking here about ad campaigns. Marketers may carry a number of advertisements that, in the end, are nothing but expenses only. HyperTracker is an ad tracking tool that Internet marketers need to utilize in order to keep track of ad campaigns, and find out which ones are profitable. By accurately identifying the productive ads, marketers can avoid spending on poor ad campaigns. This, alone, makes this product interesting, to say the least. Of course, there are good and bad points with HyperTracker. Because, really, no product is perfect.


HyperTracker: The good points revealed

With HyperTracker, you can keep tab of the number of unique visitors that each of your ad campaigns generated. Experienced online marketers know that unique visitors almost always translate to sales, so the higher the number of targeted visitors are, the higher income they earn. HyperTracker will allow you see the actions taken by each visitor, whether it leads to sales or not. Because of this capability, you will be able to identify which ad campaigns are effective and profitable.

HyperTracker will also help you organize your ad campaigns. You can view your ads easily and quickly, from the past campaigns to your new and ongoing ones. This tracking tool is also capable of automatically sending you periodic emails containing activity reports or email alerts when certain actions or events happen.

A new feature on HyperTracker is called Duplicate Protection. This is quite essential in order to generate accurate analysis of your ad campaigns. If a web visitor view a page and then refresh that page, that action may be counted as two clicks by other tracking tools. Not with HyperTracker’s Duplicate Protection. Sales and other Actions, such as subscribing to newsletter, are tracked separately.


HyperTracker: The bad points revealed

Signing up for HyperTracker isn’t cheap. At $19.95 a month, the price is higher than most ad tracking tools available today on the Internet. It’s still a bit pricey even if the cost per month of this service decreases if you prepay for 6 months or one year. However, if you have a good product and an effective marketing strategy which includes using HyperTracker, this monthly bill is certainly worth it. Also, it has a 2 week-trial period for you to test the ad tracker before you shell out any money.

HyperTracker can be rendered useless, also; that is, if you’re website doesn’t have that many visitors to begin with. There wouldn’t be enough data, and you may end up spending unnecessarily on this ad tracker. However, if you’re already running three or more ad campaigns and you’re website is stating to pick up visitors, HyperTracker is certainly helpful.


So, should you use HyperTracker?

The simple answer is yes. In any online business, implementing ad campaigns is not just a given, but something that all online marketers must take seriously. It’s not enough to have a terrific product and the right price. You also need to deliver it to the right people at the right time. An effective ad campaign should result in higher sales because you’re making your product known to the people that need it, at a time that they need it. If you’re running multiple ads, it’s hard to keep track which advertisement brings in the most sales and which ones need further tweaking. It wouldn’t be a problem if you were using an ad tracking management tool such as HyperTracker. There are many such tools available on the Internet, but HyperTracker comes in highly recommended.

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