“I Have A Great Business Opportunity For You” – Errr. Hmmm.

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Someone joined my email list, and then sent a reply to one of my emails. She had never contacted me before, and she pitched me her business.

Does she really have a “great business Opportunity“?

Well, the real question is not about the business opportunity … but I’ll let her email, and my reply, tell the story…

Hi Martin,

I have a great business opportunity for you. Please go to my link and enroll.
http://www.[CompanyName].com/twowords My ID number is [XXXXXXX]

If you work with me on getting people to join my system, I’ll do the same for you.

Thank you,

[Real Name Deleted]

And my reply…

Hi [Name Deleted],

Thanks for taking the time to contact me – including putting my name at the top of the email. You’ve taken action, and that is the key to all learning, AND puts you into a very elite percentage of the population. Great start.

So, to your email content…

I don’t like your marketing method (U.C.E.* aka spam) so why would I join your business. If I copied what you do I would be spamming people too. Then if people signed up from my spam I would be teaching them to spam more people, and so on. Not good.

If you have built a big team on these methods please let me know. It’s usually more common that people use these methods as they get started in this industry. It’s a learning curve we all have to go through. Eventually people find that these methods don’t work in a relationship business like MLM – and then they either leave … or they figure out they need to market in a better way.

Let me know which category you are in and we can chat further. In this business you need to be teachable. Is that you?

Martin Russell

[*U.C.E. – Unsolicited Commercial Email.]

Now her company may really be the “Greatest Business Opportunity EVER!“, but she hasn’t approached me in a way that want to find out.

My next step is to educate her in attraction marketing.

Meanwhile, if I hear back from her I will update this post, but what do you think of what I told her – too harsh, too soft, off track? Leave your comments below.

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