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Online marketers always have to think of effective and easy ways to conduct email marketing campaigns. However, that type of campaigns isn’t enough anymore, as prospects and current customers are very much into social networks like Facebook. Today, together with an email campaign, marketers have to consider conducting social media campaigns also. iContact recognize this, which is why they’ve integrated this two types of marketing strategies to help marketers realize the income they long for.


iContact is an email and social media marketing solution for different types of business of varying sizes. It is designed to help users save time in performing these campaigns and generate considerable income to help them grow their business. With iContact’s email marketing features, businesses can establish a stronger relationship with their customers, relationships that will translate to higher sales in the immediate future. The popularity of social media led the way to online marketers conducting effective campaigns on this fast growing marketing channel. Facebook and Tweeter publishing is made easy using iContact.

Target Market

iContact’ marketing features are designed with the small businesse in mind. A subscriber with a small business wouldn’t feel left out. In fact, their pricing plans were designed with these businesses in their early stages in mind. That is not to say that large, multinational companies should stay away. Because of the expertise that the developers of iContact have, the email and social media marketing needs of companies, small and large, are easily met with this marketing solution.


For small companies with less than a hundred subscribers, they can utilize this tool for free. Yes, for free. All they need to have is an email address to sign up. For companies with up to 500 subscribers, they need to pay a monthly fee of $14.00 only. For those with 2,500 subscribers or fewer, the monthly payment is $29.00. For companies with up to 5,000 subscribers, their monthly payment is $47.00. The monthly subscription fee goes up as the number of subscribers increase also. Take note, though, that there is a 15% discount for those that will avail a yearly subscription.


iContact offers these features:

●          Choose from over 250 templates

●          Detailed contact management system

•           Survey feature with easy to manage results

●          Segmentation of list

●          Larger image hosting

●          Unlimited number of lists

●          RSS integration

●          Ability to send text or HTML email

●          Import subscribers from database or current lists

●          Using mail merge fields, send personalized emails

●          Create own mail merge fields

●          Ability to create autoresponder welcome messages

●          Subscription/unsubscribe link management done automatically

●          Create, send out, and track the survey results from subscribers and customers

•           Regular upgrade of software

●          Detailed activity and subscription reports

●          Handling of bounce-back email

●          Deliverability reports

●          Email drafts & archives

●          Search database fully

●          Forward-to-a-Friend email

●          Wide variety of HTML templates

●          Template editor

●          Great help features and live chat option



Don’t be left behind. Social media marketing is the newest marketing channel that you should consider when doing various marketing campaigns. However, don’t ignore the benefits that a good email marketing campaign can deliver. Go give iContact a try, the email and social media marketing solution your online business need.

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