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One of the worst things that could happen if you have valuable digital files saved on your computer hard drive is for that hard drive to crash, resulting in lost data. While there is still a chance to recover those files, why risk it? The solution to that problem is to save and back up your files in other storage devices. However, that presents a new set of problems for most people, particularly the inconvenience of manually backing up the files. With IDrive, though, you don’t need to worry about these things.


Product Description

IDrive is a user-friendly online back up program that lets users remotely back up data and files from their computers. The interface is easy to understand with intuitive design. As soon as you sign up for an account, you can immediately back up you files, or you can choose to set a schedule to back up the files that you chose. These commonly used files may include the Desktop and My Documents. All your stored data are secured because it uses 128-bit SSL encryption when you transmit the data, and 256-bit AES encryption when those data are stored. When you restore your stored data using IDrive, it’s as easy as drag-and-dropping the folders from the storage area back into your computer. You can do this anywhere you are, as long as your online, even if the computer you’re using doesn’t have the Idrive software installed in it.

Target Market

Because IDrive is exceptionally easy to use, this online backup software is ideal for any users of all levels. Even those that aren’t particularly adept at using computers can easily back up and restore their files. The interface and features are not too intimidating and complicated for most users. Advances users, on the other hand, can fully take advantage of the benefits of IDrive by customizing the features to their needs.


You can use IDrive for free. The free account will give you access to its full features, although there’s a storage limit of 5 GB of data. Photos, important documents, and other media files can be stored. If you need more, you can upgrade to the Pro Account. IDrive Pro for Persoal Use gives you a storage space of 150 GB with a monthly rate of $4.95. IDrive Pro – Family Pack, on the hand, has 500 GB od storage space and a $14.95 monthly rate. If you own a business and you need large storage space, there’s the IDrive Pro for Business, with various storage space limits depending on your company’s needs. It starts with 50 GB of storage space ($9.95 per month) up to 1,000 GB ($79.95 per month).

Product/Package Inclusions

IDrive’s features include:

•           Multiple computer back up

•           Automatic selection

•           Continuos Data Protection or CDP

•           Sync

•           Versioning

•           Managing multiple accounts

•           Abililty to retrieve data from any location

•           Search and restore

•           Web-based back up management

•           Enhanced security

•           Bandwidth Throttle

•           Activity report and backup status report

•           Share files

•           Mapped drive back up



Cnet, the reputable tech media website, rated IDrive with 4 out of 5 stars and come highly recommended. However, with IDrive’s free account, you can easily find out the reasons why many individuals and small businesses choose IDrive. Once you need more data back up capabilities, you can easily upgrade your account. Take IDrive for a test drive now.

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