Importance of Using an Autoresponder Service

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As an online marketer, my growing list of subscribers to this carefulcash site is important to me. In order to ensure a steady income month after month from my online marketing efforts, I needed to build a massive list of subscribers to my website. And not just any list of subscribers but targeted ones related to my niche market.

Armed with this list, I can then send out regular quality contents that my subscribers must find useful. I can also send them whatever promotional materials I have for the services I’m offering and my affiliates’ products and services.

If you’re like me, with such a huge list, you need to find a company that can provide you a good autoresponder service. With it, you can perform a number of email marketing campaigns aimed at generating income and keeping in touch with your current and potential customers.

Investing in a professional and reliable autoresponder service is a must for all serious online marketers. To help you make a highly informed decision on which service to get, this comparison chart and links to the review of three of the most well-known autoresponder services, Aweber, Getresponse, and iContact, should prove helpful.







Monthly Pricing Options      

$1 for 30 Days

No Trial

Free Edition Account

Up to 500 Contacts



Free Edition Account
$10.00 (With Full Features)

Up to 1000 Contacts




Up to 2500 Contacts



Up to 5000 Contacts




Up to 10000 Contacts




Up to 25000 Contacts




Contact Management Features
Import Mailing List

Automatically Detect Duplicate Emails

Add Custom Demographic Fields

Require Opt-in

Email Creation Features

Email Setup Wizard

Supports Unicode

Add Images

Add Hyperlinks

Create Plain Text /HTML Messages

Create Messages from Template


Create Web Forms

Image Hosting



Create Surveys

Email Sending Features

Email Job Scheduling

SPAM Test (Make Sure your Emails Aren’t Spam)

Test Email

Email Reporting Features

Click-Through Tracking

Status of Emails

Forwarded Emails

View Unsubscribed Contacts

Compare Message Reports

Social Media Integration

Conversion Tracking

Integrate with Google Analytics

Technical Support

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