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For most people the scariest thing they could ever do online is …


And yet this one skill now earns me a multiple 5-figure income on the side, AND generated me over 4800 leads on autopilot in the past 18 months alone from this site.

Easy huh!

Er, no. No way.

So below I’ll give you my 3 best tips because you shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel here.

You see, I had quite a few other blogs before I had one succeed.

One blog never had anyone visit it.

Believe me, invisible is NOT good online.

Another had visitors, some of whom even loved what I wrote, but I couldn’t get them to buy.


A third blog finally made me a small amount of money, but frankly, I was embarrassed about how awful a site it was. Bad visually, bad to read. Worst of all, I didn’t have anything else to write about!

Anyone else wondering what they should write about on their blog?

Anyway, it wasn’t until I found a mentor and copied what he had done that my success started.

I copied a million-dollar earner who was marketing with articles.

[This way it didn’t scare me off with the word ‘blogging’ – sneaky eh?!]

As part of his method he would put the articles on a blog of his own, and that’s the bumbling beginnings that led me to…

The Top 3 Tips For Successful Blogging…

1. NEVER write your blog posts with the sole focus of ranking in Google.

This is mainly because every month Google is changing what it likes, and yet your blog post may be around for years and years to come.

But it is also because even if you succeed in ranking in Google it still has to be of interest to the human readers who click through.

Otherwise you get lots of views and ZERO sales or opt-ins.

Which brings me to …

2. ALWAYS write something that would be of interest or value to your ‘Perfect Prospect’.

Of course this means you need to be very clear on who you want to have read your post (even though it may be of interest to many other people as well.)

But also, unlike what you may expect, you will be more profitable if you actually ‘sell’ less, and instead, give value and ‘educate’ more.

And finally…

3. Success requires the ‘Just Do It’ approach – but the real key people don’t mention is to make it easy for yourself.

For example don’t just say you want to ‘Start blogging’ or ‘Build a successful blog’. Both of those can be confusing or just downright overwhelming.

Instead, stop and figure out your first concrete, tangible action to your goal.

– Don’t yet have your own domain name and hosting?

Then your step is:

‘Get a domain name’ which you can do for as little as a dollar from here:

(Then the cheapest Hostgator package for hosting is fine to begin with.)

– Don’t know what domain name to buy?

Then your next step is:

‘Research how to choose a domain name’ and this post may help you.

– Got any of the other 1001 questions or ‘fears’ people have about blogging?

Then it may be time to get serious.

Last week I got access to a Blogging training before it got opened up to the public. Let me just say that it has shown me what I am doing next to take to the 6-figure level – but it also has all the training for people who are starting completely from scratch.

And yes I’m going to offer you a Bonus for joining through my affiliate link.

Most of the time I don’t like bonuses. Basically I find that most bonuses aren’t related to the product, or I never end up using them anyway.

But I think there is some real extra value I can offer you so I may as well make it into a proper bonus.

When you purchase from the link below I will send you 5 key extra steps I am using in my own blogging, that are NOT mentioned in the training package.

These Blogging extras are:

  • I’ve already shown you above how to easily get domain names for as little as a dollar – in this extra bonus I will let you in on two other ways, one safe and one surprising, to pick where to buy.
  • Two (or more) blog posts you can write easily and immediately that are almost guaranteed to rank first page in the search engines even on a brand new blog, AND they will definitely be of interest to your ideal buying prospect – no matter how bad of a writer you think you are!
  • A free backlinking tool not mentioned in the ProBlogAcademy training, but which boosted my rankings on every post I tested it on.
  • Worried that a post you write won’t be good enough? I’ll show you how to play it safe, and still have them ranking in Google.
  • The key ‘peace-of-mind’ tool every money-making blog must have. No, it is not mentioned in the training, but I will show you what it is AND how you can get it for free.

When you purchase on the affiliate link below I will send you these tips in one compact email. No fluff, no long reading. Just the key facts you need to get full value from this bonus while you get on with your blogging.

Click Here to get your Money-Making, Autopilot Prospect-Generating Blogging started today!

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