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One of my best mentors online refused to refer to himself as an internet marketer. He said that most people that used that term should in fact say they had an “internet marketing addiction

Pretty strong words.

He himself was an ex-drug addict. He used the 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous approach to getting himself sorted out. In the year I met him he earned more than 3 million dollars. I took what he said seriously.

But you don’t have to be an ex-addict to think of internet marketing as an addiction.

In fact it is just a subset of being an ‘information junkie’, as outlined by Micheal Masterson at Early To Rise.

If you haven’t yet succeeded in internet marketing then read this very carefully.

Micheal says an information junkie is:

  • addicted to the process of buying information
  • has no intention of ever using the information he buys (although he may delude himself into thinking otherwise)
  • happiest at the moment he is buying the information, then is…
  • on to other things within hours or days . The new product goes up on the shelf with the old products. He’s excited about the next new one.

Michael distinguishes this addict / junkie behavior from what he calls the ‘information user’.

This ‘information user’…

  • buys to achieve specific goals
  • makes progress. See him reading a book about nutrition, and there’s a very good chance (if he likes the book) that his eating habits will change in the immediate future.
  • consumes information to profit from it. If he invests $100 in learning about some subject, he expects to see a substantial return on that investment – perhaps a thousand dollars’ worth of value, material or spiritual.
  • has long-term expectations. He believes the knowledge he acquires now will compound over time as he learns more and is in a better position to leverage what he has learned for greater benefit.

So which are you?

If you are still not sure review Michael’s full article here and take his little self-test and get your score.

Michael wants you to turn from a junkie into a user. My earlier mentor wanted people to stop doing internet marketing (the addiction), and start creating an internet business.

Michael, my mentor and I, all want you to be successful. We want people to benefit from what we give you.  When you get results, you will buy more from us in the long run, and recommend other to us as well. You will succeed, and our businesses will be rewarded long-term.

I have been an addict. I bought the latest products etc etc and blamed them for my own failures. Fortunately I didn’t blow much money, but I certainly blew a bunch of time and credibility and opportunities. It’s been hard work to get them back.

That is the history that lead to this blog and the lessons you will find here.

It took me quite a while to recognize what I was doing. I hope this post makes you consider your situation if you haven’t yet had the online success you want.

When you are ready to succeed you can use the 12-step AA program – or you can use these 2 rules from Michael Masterson:

1. When you buy an information product, set specific deadlines for reading it and implementing what you learn. For instance, set a goal that you will take one of its recommended actions within 24 hours of receiving the product. Then resolve to take at least one more recommended action each week thereafter.

2. Don’t buy another product until you have made some progress with the one you previously purchased.

When I read Michael’s rules I instantly agreed. They are 2 rules I had developed for myself.

To these 2 rules of getting over internet marketing addiction I would also add a third of my own:

3. Follow a proven path for your success, including having a mentor who is already further ahead on the path you want to go.

You now have the information. If it is relevant, take action within 24 hours. If you do this, leave a comment below, or get in contact with me in one of the other more private ways if you would rather be anonymous.

I look forward to connecting with you.

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