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The number of people getting into online business marketing continues to increase each year because of the fact that a good number of online marketers are earning six-figure income each year. However, as the number of online marketers grow, the competition gets tougher. You need to keep yourself above most everyone else, obviously, utilizing everything that will give you the competitive edge to beat out the others. One of the advantages you can have is to use Linktrack. With this, you can keep track of all the links you’ve created that is related to your online marketing campaigns easily, accurately, and effectively.

Product Description

Linktrack is a web-based link tracking service aimed at giving users the ability to monitor links, clicks, impressions, and ads. For every link, users will receive detailed tracking information, including full-color graphs, that should help users make key marketing decisions. They can even use their own domain name to track links. All of the pertinent information are compiled in one place, with the user having complete control over them. Since information is power, subscribers to this service also receive real-time updated information so that you can see where your site traffic is coming from.

Target Market

Basically, Linktrack is for all online marketers that want to monitor all their links and clicks from their marketing campaigns. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been an online marketer for a long time, or you’ve just started your first campaign. Linktrack is truly user-friendly because developers of this tracking service already recognized that online marketers don’t have the time to learn a particular research tool because their time is valuable. You can already use Linktrack the moment you sign up.


If you decide to sign up for this service, you’ll see from their website that you have three options at your disposal. One is a free account where you’ll be given the opportunity to track an unlimited number of links, real-time reporting, detailed charts and graphs, and the ability to re-target links anytime.

With a Personal account, you have to pay $6.95 a month and have access to additional features.

If you’re totally convinced with how Linktrack can help you, you can sign up and pay $24.95 annually. With this Professional version of Linktack, you’ll get full access to everything that you need to have to run successful campaigns.

Product/Package Inclusions

There are three types of Linktrack accounts that you can sign up for. The basic package, of course, is the free account. This in itself is already a powerful tool, but if you truly want to have the advantage over the competition, you’ll clearly see that you have to get the full version of Linktrack.

With the Professional account, for example, you’ll be able to track unique visitors. You will be able to customize domain names, turn links off automatically, click threshold alerts, download reports, and other useful features.

With a Personal account, as with a Professional account, your links will not expire from the Linktrack system. This is unavailable to free account users. You can also protect your links by placing your own security password on them.



To find out if you’re online marketing efforts are worth it, you need to have a way to measure or quantify success. Typically, this is measured through ROI or Retun Of Investment. To do this, you need more than just knowing where your clicks are coming from, but to find out also which of these clicks are converting into sales. Linktrack is a highly effective tool in helping you get this type of information. With Linktrack, you’ll get access to this information, and more, while paying less than $25 a year. Worth checking out, right?

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