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Most Internet marketers are at a loss to explain why, with so many materials and tutorials on how to be successful in this field, they still couldn’t compete with the most successful online marketers that earn up to seven-figures a year. They’ve studied and implemented all the strategies they could get, but still, they’re marketing campaigns are all over the place, earning abysmal income at best. Unknown to most of these struggling marketers, what they lack is a marketing system that works for them. Linktrackr can help you with this if your an online marketer with no working system in place.

Product Description

Linktrackr is a web-based online marketing tool designed to give you the same powerful link cloaking and link tracking software that the successful marketers use. However, while they’ve spent hundreds, and even thousands of dollars to develop their system, subscribers to Linktrackr need to pay only a fraction of what the others pay. Since this tool is web-based, you can gain access to this anywhere you are, using any computer connected to the Internet.

Subscribe to Linktrackr to:

•          Easily cloak and mask affiliate links using this web-based link cloaking software

•          Track many PPC campaigns, ad banners, and other advertising clicks

•          Track sales conversions accurately and make smarter advertising choices

•          Monitor affiliates sales and performance using postback URLs and pixels

•          Split test landing pages to increase conversion rates

•          Receive free, viral traffic and ready buyers from popular social media sites

•          Blog monetization can be made automatically using simple yet powerful WordPress plugin

Target Market

If you find yourself without a system to help you increase your profits through your marketing campaigns, you certainly need to subscribe to Linktrackr. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a long-time online marketer, anyone and everyone can use Linktrackr.


Currently, there are four plans that you can choose from. The reason for this is so that you will only pay for the features you need, thereby saving you money every month. You can upgrade or downgrade anytime you want. The Basic Plan, for those that are just starting, is worth $9 a month. The Pro Plan is worth $19 a month, the most popular choice so far for online marketers that availed of this service. You can choose to get the Hyper plan and pay only $39 monthly. For the super affiliates, they should get the Xtreme plan and pay $69 monthly and gain access to tremendously powerful features.

Product/Package Inclusions

•           Basic – 100 Tracking Links, 10,000 Clicks per month, Advanced Viral Marketing, Branded Domain, and Custom Home Page.

•           Pro – 500 Tracking Links, 50,000 Clicks per month, Advanced Viral Marketing, Branded Domains, Custom Home Page, and Conversion Tracking.

•           Hyper – 1,000 Tracking Links, 100,000 Clicks per month, Advanced Viral Marketing, Branded Domains, Custom Homepage, Conversion Tracking, and A/B Split Testing

•           Xtreme – Unlimited Tracking Links, Unlimited Clicks per month, Advanced Viral Marketing, Branded Domains, Custom Home Page, Conversion Tracking, and A/B Split Testing.

All of the plans comes with WordPress integration plugins, click analytics, and viral marketing.



Linktrackr was designed with ease in mind. In fact, you don’t have to read any instructions in order to effectively use this software application. With this, you can expect to see your sales and commissions increase because you now have a system in place, a system that will tell you which of your marketing efforts are generating sales. Use Linktrackr and never look back. Guaranteed, or get your money back.


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