Love the _____. Why not own the shop?

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Found this on the side of my pizza box…

Love the Pizza. Why not own the shop?

Of course, it’s a promotion for their pizza franchise.

It’s a simple pitch of, “Do you love your company/job? If not, realize that a solution is to own this business!”

And isn’t that the basic idea behind an MLM Distributorship as well?

The desire to own this business.

So let’s compare a franchise THIS with an MLM this.

There are many variations of each, but in general the 3 key difference are …

1. The upfront costs. Our pizza-loving entrepreneur needs to come up with $50,000-$100, 000. Many MLMs cost under $1000.

2. The income potential. A franchise’s profits are limited by the physical turnover of one business. MLMs earn off many ‘businesses’, and many of them can even earn much more than most franchises.

So if it costs less money and has greater income potential, why doesn’t everyone choose an MLM?

The answer is simple…

3. The odds of success. In an MLM, Distributors fail MORE often than a standard small business. Franchisees, on average, fail LESS often.

If you are already in an MLM you love, then make sure you address #3 with proper training (like the ‘systems’ in a franchise).

If you haven’t yet found something you ‘love’, then here is what I do.

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