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One of the key parts of any MLM is getting the facts.

And in particular the earnings. How much money in commissions (gross income) will you really earn in an MLM?

Well I have ended up looking at a few MLM Income Disclosure Statements in my time, but I wanted to have a complete list, and in particular to have the opportunity to credit the MLM’s who even have an Income Disclosure Statement at all. On average, network marketing companies don’t seem to have one, so if the company you are looking at does, then that is a good thing!

So here is the list of all I could track down.

I have tried to use the official company site whereever possible, and get the latest versions.

Remember these MLM income disclosure statements need to be read closely. They are all gross income from the company (ie not net after personal/business expenses), and they are not what you can expect in passive residual income. Caveat emptor.

MLM’s And Their Income Disclosure Statements

(alphabetical order)

Advocare – Distributor Earnings Disclosure Statement – 2010

Amway Earnings Disclosure Statement November 2nd 2010 – UK & Ireland

Arbonne – Independent Consultant Compensation Summary – 2010

FHTM – Income Disclosure Statement – 2009-2010

Herbalife Income Disclosure Statement March 2010 – US

Ignite – Income Disclosure Statement – 2010

Immunotec Income Disclosure Report 2008 – US and Canada

Inetglobal – Income Disclosure Statement – 2009

Isagenix – Independent Associate Earnings Statement – 2007

JD Premium – Income Disclosure Statement – 2009/2010

Melaleuca Annual Income Statistics – 2009

Monavie Disclosure Statement – Global 2009

Moxxor – Income Disclosure Statement – 2008

Nikken – Average Consultant Income Sheet – 2007

Numis Network Income Disclosure Statement 2010

NuSkin – Distributor Compensation Summary – 2008

Pre-Paid Legal Annual Report – 2009

Quixtar – Independent Business Ownership Plan – 2003 (Best I could find, sorry. See the bit at the end.)

Send Out Cards Income Disclosure – 2010

Tahitian Noni – Average Incomes of U.S. IPCs – 2007

TSFL – Take Shape For Life – Jan-Jul 2010

Tupperware – Income Disclosure Summary – 2009

USANA – North American Average Total Earnings – 2009

WorldVentures Marketing LLC – USA – Income Disclosure Statement 2010

Xango – Distributor Earnings Disclosure Statement – 2009”

Xocai – Income Disclosure Statement – 2010

YOR Health – Income Disclosure Statement – 2011

YTB – Income Disclosure Statement – 2007

ZamZuu! – Associate/Rep Income Disclosure Statement – 2010


Updates? Any I’ve missed or that are incorrect?

Drop a note below.

[Note: I’m in the top 2% of my company, and I got there by following people who have already been successful in marketing their MLM online.]

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