MLM Talk: “Then Why Are You Sending Emails?”

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MLM. Those three letters alone is enough for some people to choose to close their Internet browsers, turn off the computer, and go see their dentist, instead of staying and finding out what the latest MLM opportunity someone is offering them.

However, in spite of the bad rep that multi-level marketing has received in the past years, it’s quite surprising that the number of people that enters the field continued to grow in those same years. Whatever one may call it- network marketing, relationship marketing, direct sale- the fact is that it will continue to grow in the coming years, especially with the use of the Internet.


Of Multi-level marketing and eggs in their baskets


One common question that skeptics usually have is that if the marketing opportunity that someone’s offering is that good, able to earn as much as a few thousand dollars in a month, why would that marketer bother with other income-generating opportunities?

It’s a legitimate question, which I can answer with a bunch of chicken eggs. Yes. Eggs.

You know the expression “never put all your eggs in one basket”? It’s true, and it applies here. I’ve always believed that you shouldn’t rely totally on any one source of income. Even if the empower network program proves to be highly profitable, for example, you should still have other sources of income. This way, you are financially protected if ever your marketing program collapses.



Sending emails: An MLM strategy?


Staying with the “excellent MLM opportunity” example, another question some may ask is why would an online marketer keep on sending emails to other website visitors if he can earn thousands of dollars with one of the marketing programs he’s promoting? There’s money in what these guys are offering, yes- so why are they sending emails and recruiting other people still?

In my case, when people see my website, may it be accidentally, or they looked for me on Google, there’s a strong chance that they will sign up and join my growing email list. Through this email list, I can build a long-term relationship with each of them.

One of my marketing mentors believes that hype only produces hype customers. It may be easier to build your network this way, but keep in mind that you will lose 8 out of ten of your “hype” customer base every year, and you need to replace those customers with new ones. However, if your relationship with your customers is based on trust and clear understanding, you can easily grow your marketing network every year.

Yes, I can concentrate on one excellent marketing program, but I can also choose to promote a number of programs to my list of subscribers and earn more. And it’s not just about the money alone. I also have the opportunity to help out as much people as I can to reach whatever goals they’ve set for themselves when they decided to enter MLM.


Remember the eggs? Yes, I don’t put all my eggs to in a single basket, too.


And with a strong relationship with my customers, I don’t have to worry about whatever bad reputation that multi-level marketing continues to receive.


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