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UPDATE: This book went to #1 of Amazon in BOTH the Motivational AND the Success categories. Way to go Jim!

With “Mustard Seeds, Shovels & Mountains” by J.F. (Jim) Straw I hesitated – because one thing always makes me nervous when a new book comes out.

When the ONLY reviews on Amazon are perfect 5-star ones!

Why is a perfect rating bad?

Well, because it usually means that the reviews are done by people who got a pre-launch copy of the book and who are therefore  predisposed to rate it highly.

And as I write this, J.F. Jim Straw’s book “Mustard Seeds, Shovels, & Mountains: How to Succeed Using Your Physio-Psychic Power” has 7 reviews on Amazon, – all of them are 5-stars.


Unfortunately this type of 5-star rating is NOT a good guide as to whether the book is going to give YOU the value you are looking for, because you are not necessarily the same people as the reviewers (although you soon may be.)

Of course eventually it goes too far. Such positive reviews make the wrong people get excited about a book. They buy it, get disappointed and leave a bitter, sour-grapes review that knocks off the 5-star rating. I’ve seen it happen too many times.

Now in general, I am going to recommend this book too.

So if that’s all you needed then go to the bottom of this post for the best way to buy it.

Alternatively, if you are still deciding – even though this book is a very cheap way to access the expertise of a multi-dollar marketing legend (and no I don’t use that word lightly) – there are a few warnings I want to mention.

But first some background to the question…

How Do I Know J.F. (Jim) Straw?

Yes, I know Jim Straw.

That is to say that although I have never met or even spoken to the man in person, I’ve had the pleasure of communicating with Jim Straw for about 5 years now.

Jim and I have also done business together in a number different ways; I’ve read almost all his online material, followed his rare videos and recordings, and purchased many of his products including his mentoring program. He and I have collaborated on projects, and he kindly recommended my small business e-book (www.WordofMouthMagicEbook.com) and I have recommended his products.

Indeed Jim sent me an autographed copy of this book as soon as it was printed.

In summary, Jim is a mentor to me, a colleague, and a friend.

So with those biases disclosed let’s get down to reviewing this book.

In essence this book could also be titled…

‘The Wisdom of J.F. (Jim) Straw’

If you don’t know J.F. (Jim) Straw, then let me just say he was described by marketing guru Dan Kennedy, as a “living legend”.

Jim has never hit the sort of ‘home run’ that makes a name famous outside of marketing circles, but he has consistently worked in almost every market you can think of, online and offline, and produced around half a BILLION dollars worth of sales from over 700,000 customers.

As a marketing mentor and educator he has consistently been a ‘secret source’ for many top marketers for decades. In fact it was one million-dollar a year earner that pointed me to Jim in the first place.

In “Mustard Seeds, Shovels & Mountains”, Jim relates how as a young boy he learnt about business by sitting down with the local business men on their front porches, and hearing them tell their stories and pass on their advice to him.

In this book it is as if Jim is giving you a chance do the same: to hear his stories, and learn from him on his front porch.

Jim has taken things he has written about over the years, the best of the best, and brought them together in this one book. Some parts I had read before, and others were new to me. Often it was the philosophy behind the specific methods and actions he teaches in his other courses.

Sometimes this means the ideas end up more like a patchwork. The book doesn’t flow with a single theme throughout. So this is where I think some readers will find themselves lost or confused.

As you can tell from the title alone ie “Mustard Seeds, Shovels, & Mountains: How to Succeed Using Your Physio-Psychic Power”, this is not a book that aims for hype, easy ‘sound bites’ or populist dumbed-down, pre-digested waffle. Jim has his life’s work to pass on to you in this book.

This book has a depth of content that will withstand being read many times over.

I myself am already on the second reading.

Personally I don’t expect this book will be a best seller like a modern “Think And Grow Rich”, or “The Lazy Man’s Way To Riches”. It is not a book I would recommend as the first point of contact with marketing, business or self-help literature.

More in keeping with the man himself, I suspect this book will be passed on by those in the know as the advanced material for those who get stuck.

Jim’s Self-Help Master Class

For example, Jim dissects the “Mastermind” process that is so key to “Think And Grow Rich” and alot of other self-help literature. A Mastermind group always seemed to me to be so important, and yet I found so few people had one, and I never got it working for myself either.

When Jim described exactly what he saw had gone wrong in the Mastermind process as it is commonly applied, I was instantly relieved. Jim had the solution that I had been stumbling around for. It immediately gave me a solid path for my Mastermind plans.

Summing Up “Mustard Seeds, Shovels & Mountains”

If you want a ‘quick-fix’ of specific money-making and business methods this book is not for you.

But if you recognize the value of spending time “shooting the breeze” with someone who has actually DONE IT, and – even more rare – who is open to talk specifics about it, then this is the book for you, the next generation of business-owners and marketers.

You can get Jim’s book here on Amazon – Mustard Seeds, Shovels & Mountains.

Or you can first check out Jim’s other materials at his site here.

Either way, enjoy!



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